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Dairy's New Partnership With Newsweek Magazine

On Friday (September 3, 2020), Dairy Management Inc. (DMI) issued a press release announcing a new partnership between the dairy industry and a once-independent news magazine that previously maintained a high standard of integrity because it could not be bought.

My, how Times have changed.

Should you have a subscription to Newsweek, you might consider changing to Time magazine. Here's why.

DMI (the dairy industry's largest marketing group) announced that the new partnership will result in the distribution of more than 1 million copies of a back-to-school guidebook, distributed free to schools, called: "How to Build a Healthy Kid"

Guess what drug they'll be pushing? Newsweek designed the propaganda manual at no cost to the dairy industry and will distribute it to more than 60,000 schools.

The guidebook comes with a strong message of support for dairy consumption from United States Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and former Surgeon General David Satcher.

I wonder whether the guidebook will include full disclosure. For example... cow's milk naturally contains the same exact most powerful growth hormone produced by the human body, insulin-like growth factor, or IGF-I. That hormone has been the subject of Senate investigations into illicit growth hormone use by Olympic athletes, baseball players, bicyclists, gymnasts, football players, tennis players, and high school and college athletes.

Even if one consumes organic milk, there is the naturally occurring presence of IGF-I, a hormone which builds powerful muscles. That same hormone has been identified as the key factor in the growth and proliferation of every human cancer. See: To cancel your Newsweek subscription, or to complain to Newsweek about their sell-out of children for dairy dollars, call their toll-free number:


Robert Cohen

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