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English Musicians Saving America's Horses

WFLF Humanion Films
Los Angeles, CA
August 21st, 2010

NorthStar Music Publishing Ltd (UK), together with Maria Daines and Paul Killington are joining WFLF Humanion Films' efforts by composing musical contributions and donating several songs for Saving America's Horses - A Nation Betrayed!

WFLF Humanion Films is pleased to announce that Maria Daines, Paul Killington and NorthStar Music Publishing have joined WFLF Humanion Films' efforts as composers and musical contributors for Saving America's Horses - A Nation Betrayed!

Maria Daines is a multi-award winning International vocalist and songwriter whose band supported US artist Pink at Cardiff International Arena for the Party For Animals World Wide in August 2007. The concert raised over 90,000-pounds for six animal welfare charities. Based in the UK, Maria is an advocate for animal rights and welfare campaigning against breed specific legislation and many other issues of animal cruelty.

Paul Killington's craftsmanship on guitar shines brightly as the driving force behind Daines' melodic compositions for animal causes, and his slick production, sympathetically unique to specific project pieces is constantly in demand for film and media release. Together they are an unstoppable and prolific force for good, rising to the need for sentient beings wherever a strong voice is needed.

Musical pieces by Maria and Paul will become part of the official film sound track which will be available on CD after the film has released. 100% of the proceeds from the sound track will go toward the protection of all equines from slaughter.

COMING SOON: Watch for the powerful OFFICIAL TRAILER for SAVING AMERICA'S HORSES A NATION BETRAYED on the film website and also on YouTube. SAVING AMERICA'S HORSES A NATION BETRAYED depicts a country divided and inspires great hope for the protection of all horses and burros.

Supporters are requested to tell their friends and family about SAVING AMERICA'S HORSES A NATION BETRAYED. Donations can be made on line through the film website using PayPal or through Guidestar, and Facebook, or mailed directly.

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