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I thank Gov. Jennifer Granholm for declaring today as Michigan Meatout Day. With our food becoming increasingly unhealthy, taking a day out to educate the public on eating healthy is a very important global issue. Not eating meat or even eating less reduces risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, etc.

Eating a plant-based diet is better for our environment. A 2006 United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization report says raising animals for food is “one of the top two or three most significant contributors to the most serious environmental problems, at every scale from local to global.” It says as much as 51% of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions are caused by animal agriculture.

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"No doubt unity is something to be desired, to be striven for, but it cannot be willed into being by mere declarations. "
- Theodore Bikel

Governor Jennifer Granholm has declared today to be Michigan Meatout Day! The Honorable Governor wrote:

http://www.michigan .gov/gov/ 0,1607,7- 168-25488- 232493--, 00.html
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"Whereas, A wholesome diet of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains promotes good health and reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, and other chronic diseases, which take the lives of approximately 1.3 million Americans each year; and,

"Whereas, The number of those who choose to live the lifestyle of a vegan or vegetarian has increased and so has the availability and selection of meat and dairy alternatives in mainstream grocery stores, restaurants, and catering operations; and,

"Whereas, Reducing the consumption of meat or not eating meat at all can significantly decrease the exposure to infectious pathogens such as salmonella, E. coli, and campylobacter, which take the lives of several thousand Americans and sicken millions more each year; and,

"Whereas, The benefits of a plant-based diet can consist of increased energy levels, lower food budget costs, and simplified food preparation and cleanup; and,

"Whereas, It is encouraged that the residents of this state get into the habit of healthy living by consuming a diet that is rich with vegetables, fruit, and whole grains, and by staying active;

"Now, Therefore, be it Resolved, That I, Jennifer M. Granholm, governor of the state of Michigan, do hereby proclaim March 20, 2010, Michigan Meatout Day in
Michigan. In observance of this day, I encourage the residents of this state to choose not to eat meat. Eating a healthy diet can be fun. Explore the different recipes that can be created by using fresh ingredients and by having a sense of adventure."
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Is this a 11-day pre-April Fools Day joke
or am I dreaming? not pinch me.

Robert Cohen
http://www.notmilk. com

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