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Whalers Return To Sanctuary, Epic Battle Erupts

Whalers Return To Sanctuary, Epic Battle Erupts
February 12th 2010

As expected, the Japanese whaling fleet has returned to the Southern Ocean
Whale Sanctuary; less than a day after leaving it in an apparent attempt to
either shake the tail of the Sea Shepherd or deplete their fuel.

According to the latest report from the SS, once it was clear that the
Japanese were attempting to reenter the sanctuary, an epic battle lasting
more than five hours erupted between the six ships.
"As the Japanese fleet reentered the Whale Sanctuary, the Sea Shepherd ship
Steve Irwin pulled up alongside the Nisshin Maru to deliver a message by
loudspeaker in Japanese warning them not to enter the Whale Sanctuary.

The Nisshin Maru responded with water cannon and LRAD fire. The Steve Irwin
returned water cannon fire. The Steve Irwin then attempted to launch a
helicopter when the three harpoon vessels moved in with water cannons and
LRADs blazing in an attempt to destroy the helicopter on the deck. The Bob
Barker moved into position to block the harpoon vessels and the Steve Irwin
was forced to fire warning flares in front of the harpoon vessels to force
them to back off."

According to the release, there were many near misses but no collisions.
There were no injuries.

"Tomorrow marks a full week that not a whale has been killed," said Captain
Paul Watson...

http://www.ecorazzi .com/2010/ 02/12/whalers- return-to- sanctuary- epic-battle- erupts/

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