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New York: 9th Annual Conference for Critical Animal Studies

February 24 2010

As the field of critical animal studies quickly grows into a respected international discipline there emerges sub-fields, topics, subjects, debates, dialogues, forums, programs, working-groups, and degrees, all aiding in the abolition of animal oppression and domination and freedom for all. Join us for a day long conversation about animal freedom with academics, advocates, and community leaders. 9th Annual Conference for Critical Animal Studies

Program Theme: Abolition, Liberation and the Intersections of Social Justice

Saturday April 10, 2010 SUNY Cortland, New York, USA Sponsored by:
SUNY Cortland Sponsors
Women’s Studies Center for Gender and Intercultural Studies (CGIS)
Anarchist Studies Initiative Institute for Disability Studies
Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminology Center for Ethics, Peace, and Social Justice (CEPS) Criminology Club Social Advocacy and Systems Change
Wagadu: A Journal of Transnational Women’s and Gender Studies
Non-SUNY Cortland Sponsors Political Media Review Central New York Peace Studies Consortium
Center for Green Criminology and Security Studies Transformative Studies Institute
Sacco and Vanzetti Foundation Save the Kids

· All food is vegan friendly · All rooms are wheelchair accessible

Registration -

Anthony J. Nocella, II
Mechthild Nagel Andrew Fitz-Gibbon

10:00 – 11:20

Session 1 / Academic Repression (AK Press, 2010) Book Talk
Facilitator: Jackie Riehle
1. The Carceral Society: From the Prison Tower to the Ivory Tower Mechthild Nagel and Caroline Kaltefleiter
2. Regimes of Normalcy in the Academy: The Experiences of Disabled Faculty Liat Ben-Moshe
3. Adelphi Recovers, The Lengthening View Ali Zaidi

Session 2 / Animals and Cultural Practices
Facilitator: Ronald Pleban
1. Animal Subjects in Anthropological Perspective Alessandro Arrigoni
2. An American Imperial Project: The Role of Animal Bodies in the Smithsonian-Theodore Roosevelt African Expedition, 1909-1910 Laura Shields
3. Conservation perspectives: International wildlife priorities, individual animals, and wildlife management strategies in Kenya Stella Capoccia

Session 3 / Inclusion Facilitator: Doreen Nieves
1. The Politics of Inclusion: A Feminist Space to Critique Speciesism Jenny Grubbs
2. Transcending Species: A Feminist Re-examination of Oppression Jeni Haines
3. The Reasonableness of Sentimentality Andrew Fitz-Gibbon

Session 4 / Strategy and Tactic Analysis Facilitator: Ashley Mosgrove
1. DIY Media and the Animal Rights Movement: Talk - Action = Nothing Dylan Powell
2. The Influential Activist: Using the Science of Persuasion to Open Minds and Win Campaigns Nick Cooney
3. The Role of Direct Action in The Animal Rights Movement
Carol Glasser

Session 1 / Species Relationships and Domination Facilitator: Jackie Riehle
1. Unnatural Repressions: Speciesism as Pathology Zipporah Weisberg
2. The Dialectic of Anthropocentrism: Ontology and Violence Aaron Bell
3. And Say the Bakemono Responded chris crews
4. The Animal of Bad Faith: Our Existential Stake in Maintaining Human Species Supremacy John Sanbonmatsu

Session 2 / Animal Exploitation Facilitator: Anastasia Yarbrough
1. Animals as Pets
2. Animals in Circuses

Session 3 / Animal Exploitation Facilitator: Brittani Mannix
1. Animals in Zoos
2. Animals and Hunting

Session 4 / Animal Exploitation Facilitator: Andrew Fitz-Gibbon
1. Animals as Tools for Human Use
2. Liberation Adrianne Burke
3. “Out of Africa, Into Chains”: Peter Singer's Animal Liberation and the
Human Rights Movement Melissa Phruksachart

1:00 – 2:00
Free Vegan Lunch
Awards Ceremony
Judy K. C. Bentley Anastasia Yarbrough

Session 1 / Anarchist Perspectives Facilitator: Timothy Rodriguez
1. Anarchism, global economics, and environmental destruction John Asimakopoulos
2. Anarchism, Lifestyle, and the Non-Human World Deric Shannon
3. Fighting for Our Lives, Anarchism and the Liberation of Us All Abbey Willis

Session 2 / Disability and Animals Facilitator: Anthony J. Nocella, II
1. Whose rights are they, anyway? Disability Rights and Animal Rights: Irreverent Parallels and Paradigms Judy K. C. Bentley
2. Comparative Analysis of Martha Nussbaum’s Capabilities Approach for Disability and Species Membership Janet Duncan
3. Education as Mutual Interdependency Sarah Applegate

Session 3 / Visual Media and Tactic Analysis Facilitator: Elizabeth Green
1. Moral Shocks and Frame Transformation in Animal Advocacy:
An Analysis of Unnecessary Fuss Brian Blankfield
2. In Relation To Animals, All People Are Nazis’: Holocaust And Slavery Analogies In The Animal Liberation Movement Clair Jean Kim
3. Mobilizing the Spectacular: Deploying Visual Images in Animal Advocacy Brian Lowe

Session 4 / Workshops: Movement Intersections Facilitator: Ashley M. Mosgrove
1. Why Animal Rights is Central to Social Justice Jasmin Singer and Matt Rice
2. Emptying Cages: From Animal Abolition to Prison Abolition Jenna Calabrese
3. Transphobia is a Vegan Issue Noah Lewis

Session 1 / Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA) Facilitator: Caroline Kaltefleiter
1. The AETA in Historical and Contemporary Context Tucker Culbertson
2. Muzzling a Movement Dara Lovitz
3. Overturning the AETA Odette Wilkins
4. AETA Loophole Activism 101 David Lambdon

Session 2 / Food Choices and Peace Facilitator: Jamie Alvito
1. The Euporia of Eating Well: Ethics and Asceticism James K. Stanescu
2. Nobody Wants to Say No to Steak: Genesis 1 & 2 Ana P. Morrón
3. Gentle Genocide and Compassionate Killing: Is “Happy Meat” a Critical Alternative? Catherine Brigantino

Session 3 / Public Health and Research Alternatives Facilitator: Elizabeth Green
1. A New Approach to Public Health: The Case for Animal Rights Ashley Maier and Stacia Mesleh
2. Advanced Critical Treatments Veterinary Medicine: A Threat to Care? Sandy Dutkowsky
3. Under the Knife: Dissection and the Rationalization of the “Cuttable” Body Jan Oakley

Session 4 / Workshops: Movement Empowerment Facilitator: Ashley M. Mosgrove
1. An Introduction to Building Capacity in the Animal Liberation Movement Anastasia Yarbrough
2. On Effective Outreach Em Firesmith 3. Empowering Women in the Animal Liberation Movement Erin Skinner

5:00 – 6:45
Plenary Session Facilitator: Anthony J. Nocella, II
1. Peak Oil and the End of Industrial “Meat” Production: Emergent Opportunities for Linking Animal Advocacy, Environmental and Anti-poverty Movements Andrew Jones
2. From Silenced to Subject: Animal Agency and Resistance in Coalitional Politics Lauren Corman
3. A Unique Challenge: exploring critical differences between animal rights and other social justice movements Norm Phelps

6:45 – 7:00
Closing John Asimakopoulos Caroline Kaltefleiter

After-Conference Film Screening Facilitator: Laura Shields Skin Trade: What’s your skin worth? (Shannon Keith, 2010)


Please be sure to register by completing and mailing the Registration Form (link above). The conference cost is 15 dollars/person and includes a vegan lunch. Please make cheques out to: Research Foundation of SUNY. Admission is free for Cortland students.

To book a table for your organization please indicate on the registration form that you would like one. There will also be a table available for people to display brochures or flyers.


We are currently seeking discount lodging in Cortland for conference attendees. We hope to have more information on this in a week, and will send out an email.


All rooms and bathrooms are wheelchair accessible. We can arrange a personal notetaker for those who need one. Please let us know prior to the conference.

Award Nominations

Award nominations for the 2010 Critical Animal Studies Awards are now being accepted. Please visit the awards page for more information:

We look forward to meeting you on April 10th! Please be in touch if you require assistance or have any inquiries.

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