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World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week 09-04-20 US, NY Protests and educational outreach will be on-going daily from April 18 thru April 26 activism
Human Noises Cause Fish Stress 09-04-07 UK A study published in the journal Integrative Zoology reports that human-generated sound has detrimental effects on fish. fish
When Hanging Isn't Cruel 09-04-07 US, OH It was a Rodney King moment for the animal movement. A sow being hung by a Creston, Ohio hog farmer as a method of "euthanasia" in full view of a hidden camera. Activism
Monkeys seize moment to escape 09-04-03 US, OR The monkeys (which are Macaques, or snow monkeys) were last seen along the south edge of the university's west campus in Beaverton lab escape



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