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Environmentalist Sentenced to 21 Years as a "Terrorist"

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"Environmentalist Sentenced to 21 Years as a "Terrorist"; Violent Racists Receive Half That"

I�ve written a lot of articles like this, when prison sentences are handed down to activists who have been labeled "terrorists" for property crimes, and instead of getting easier it just keeps getting harder. It�s getting harder to write about this rationally, calmly. These cases are getting worse, folks. The government is growing increasingly aggressive in its prosecutions, and increasingly transparent in its tactics.

Marie Mason, a longtime environmental activist and mother of two, was sentenced this afternoon to 21 years in prison, as a "terrorist," for non-violent property crimes in the name of defending the environment. It�s a historic sentence, the longest yet for any of these Green Scare cases.

In the lead up to her sentencing, the FBI took their "eco-terrorist" scare-mongering to a new level. Mason�s friends and family were prepared to attend the sentencing hearing and support her at such a terrible moment in her life. So what did the FBI do?...

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