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NAALPO News, January 2009

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Coming Soon From the Press Office:
1. 2008 Year-End Report: North American Animal Liberation Activity
2. A completely NEW Website design, long overdue after 4 years of the Press Office
3. New and Improved, Special Edition Newsletter, coming April 2009 only to those who request it.

Meanwhile, the latest issue (Vol. Five, No. 1: Jan 2009) of the North American Animal Liberation Press Office (NAALPO) quarterly newsletter is now available on-line at:

2008 was the year of "Operation BiteBack II, with at least 8 separate liberations on North American fur farms liberating thousands of our captive mink brothers and sisters. In light of this recent reactivation of the campaign begun in the 1990s, long-time activist and former fur farm liberator Gary Yourofsky weighs in on the long-delayed liberation of these oppressed creatures. This issue of the newsletter also includes articles by philosopher Steven Best, liberator Peter Young and scientist Andrew Knight.

If you would like to receive the Newsletter in printed form by mail, please let us know by sending your address to us by snail-mail or email to Although not required, a $25 donation will cover printing and mail costs for one year (4 issues). Prisoner subscriptions are free, as always.

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"In a war you have to take up arms and people will get killed, and I can support that kind of action by petrol bombing and bombs under cars, and probably at a later stage, the shooting of vivisectors on their doorsteps. It's a war, and there's no other way you can stop vivisectors."
   --Tim Daley, British Animal Liberation Front Leader, BBC interview, 1987

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