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Two Victories for Primates in Los Angeles, Calif.

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December 28, 2008


#1) UCLA Primate Population REDUCED!
#2) Evil Primate Vivisector Arthur Rosenbaum Does NOT Renew Grant!

In a very quiet move, UCLA has given one colony of 450 vervet monkeys to Wake Forest University in North Carolina. This monkey colony was "managed/imprisoned " by the notorious primate vivisector Lynn Fairbanks since 2000. The move began last year during the ongoing heat of animal rights campaigning.

The website for the Center for Primate Neuroethology no longer exists at <http://www.npi. research/ centers/primate/> http://www.npi. research/ centers// primate/ in part because UCLA decided that since fewer and fewer people are entering the world of primate vivisection (given the intense campaign against them,) it wasn't worth it to house 450 victims without more primate abusers arriving to garnish additional grant money.

While this will result in less vivisection at UCLA, Lynn Fairbanks and others are STILL vivisecting primates. Fairbanks has a grant studying how monkeys cope with a very "stressful life change" - in this case, the primates being moved to North Carolina University where further vivisection will be done on them. She also is one of the authors of a published paper this past May, along with Baldwin Way and William Melega, addicting vervet monkeys to methamphetamines.

Regarding another primate vivisector, we have gotten news that Arthur Rosenbaum a sadistic primate abuser at UCLA did NOT renew his grant to continue visisecting primates in his strabismus experiment. His grant, which ran out in September of this year was supposed to have been extended until 2010; but he made the decision to NOT renew it and there are rumors that he may be taking an "early retirement" soon!

Unfortunately, there are still hundreds of non-human primates being tortured in horrible experiments at UCLA at this very moment. Hopefully those who are close to UCLA and on the "inside" will seek out these monsters and hold them accountable (legally of course.)

There are approximately ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND non-human primates experimented on every year in the United States alone. This and other animal vivisection must end, and as you can see from the above it appears that activists are definitely having an effect. It may not be as fast as it should be for the primates being tortured and killed inside laboratories, but we believe that in the years to come as long as we keep up the fight for animal liberation NO sane, intelligent, savvy and caring research scientist will torture animals for fraudulent experiments that will simply fill their pockets with blood money.

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