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Appeal to Help Animal Rescuer Marjorie Banks

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December 28, 2008

Appeal - An Icon in animal rescue needs our help - PLEASE READ

http://www.petchapl aindottie. com/MargiesBabie s.html

http://rescuehelper s.chipin. com/marjorie- banks-doxie- surgery

Please help this fellow rescuer- she helps so many of you

For those of you that know Marjorie Banks, you know she never stops working for the animals, NEVER. I speak to her late most every night and we always start the conversation with 3 or 4 dogs that she HAS to get rescued or she cannot stop for the night, cannot sleep. For the few of you who do not know Marjorie (is that possible?). She is an icon in rescue. Her unending love for animals is well known in the rescue community. She doesn't ask what breed or how old the animal is- or if it is blind or deaf or how many legs it has. It is alive and it has to be saved. She has a brood of her own and cares for them and for EVERY animal that has been thrown away, neglected, unloved and hurts. The vet came by her house as he often does, to check on her "family" and took two of her dogs with him for emergency surgery. One had cancer - I understand he was able to get the whole tumor and the baby's outlook is good. She has two more that require surgery and another with a heart murmur. As I said, Marjorie takes in the animals that no one else will. She has used her house payment to pay the veterinarian for the two dogs and has no funds for the next two that need surgery and the medications and needs for the dog with the murmur, and her house payment.

But while Marjorie never asks for help, I am asking for help for her. Please. Be generous. This is Marjorie. This is critical and this is the well-being of her family. I am very concerned about the toll the financial worry is taking on HER health. The sooner we collect these funds, the better. Every penny of this fund goes directly to Marjorie for the dogs.

May God Bless you all!

RobomomSue (Sue Gosnell)

Donations may be given to:

Chattanooga Veterinary Center
6146 Lee Hwy.
Chattanooga, TN 37421
423- 648- 9000


*If you would rather use PayPal, her email address is also her PayPal account: Banks_marj@comcast. net


http://rescuehelper s.chipin. banks-doxie- surgery

Her babies are in need of help- please give anything you can

She tries to help others - now it's our turn

Bless you

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