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Ted Nugent Detained for Assault on Anti-Fur Activists

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Ted Nugent Detained for Assault on Anti-Fur Activists
Animal-hating rock star allegedly spits, threatens, grabs activists at Neiman Marcus

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.-Animal- hating rock star Ted Nugent allegedly spat on, threatened, and physically assaulted several animal rights activists protesting the sale of fur at Neiman Marcus in Union Square this afternoon. According to witnesses, Nugent spat on one activist after the man offered him a leaflet. A few minutes later, Nugent allegedly spat on, threatened, and then grabbed activist Bhaskar Sinha.

Nugent, who is notoriously outspoken in his advocacy of bow hunting and his hatred of animal rights activists, was briefly detained by police, but then released so he could perform at a concert tonight at the Chronicle Pavilion. Meanwhile, Sinha was taken away in handcuffs and is expected to spend the night in the San Francisco county jail on the strength of Nugent's allegation that the 21-year-old activist threatened him. San Francisco police officers on the scene refused to take statements from bystanders who had witnessed Nugent's assault on Sinha.

Activists will hold a demonstration outside the county jail at the intersection of 7th and Bryant streets tonight at 8 p.m. demanding Sinha's immediate release.

The altercation between Nugent and the activists took place during a demonstration against the sale of fur by Neiman Marcus. The upscale department store has been the target of weekly demonstrations by the Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade for more than a year.

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