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Peter Singer on the Rights of Animals 08-11-22 US   Peter Singer discusses the current state of animal rights story
Resident takes plunge to save goose 08-11-20 US, Md Cam MacQueen goes into lake to make certain goose does not drown story
Man Gives His Life for His Dog 08-11-15 US John Petrik refused to leave the burning home until he was sure his dog was safe story
Voters Bust Myths 08-11-06 US   Voters burst the myth that the animal protection movement can't achieve real change law
How a 3-legged dog inspired our next President 08-11-05 US, IL How a 3-legged dog inspired our next President to make history � and got a Congressional bill proposed in her name story
Stray Pit Bull Saves Woman, Child from Attacker 08-11-05 US, FL   A dog came out of nowhere and stopped a knife-wielding robber story
Ted Nugent Detained for Assault on Anti-Fur Activists 08-11-02 US, CA   Animal-hating rock star allegedly spits, threatens, grabs activists at Neiman Marcus activism



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