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Agent Wayne Pacelle, the Hypocrisy Society of the United States, and the Thrill Kill Cult

Pacelle is noted for having ?no hand-on fondness for animals,? and further confesses that ?To this day I don?t feel bonded to any non-human animal?.?? However, that didn?t stop him from opportunistically grabbing a photo op with a factory farmed non-human animal whose suffering Pacelle?s putrid narcissistic careerism perpetuates.

By Dr. Steve Best

In August 2005, when HSUS (hereafter think ?H$U$?) Executive Vice President Mike Markarian publicly ?applaud[ed]? the FBI for arresting and imprisoning six amazing activists from Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC), my outrage over this self-serving betrayal of activists and animals alike inspired me to write ?The Iron Cage of Bureaucracy,? a fierce critique of HSUS and its chief executive, Wayne Pacelle. I condemned HSUS for its divisive attacks on animal rights militants, its bureaucratic rigidity, its cowardly conformism, and its disturbingly cozy relationships with the animal exploiters they claim to oppose.
Despite a recent fluff piece in the Los Angeles Times that promotes Pacelle as a consummate animal champion and visionary leader, I am pained to report that his ?humane meat? and ?cage-free? egg campaigns have promoted more, not less, animal suffering and killing; that HSUS is a collaborationist with, not antagonistic

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