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NAALPO News July 2008 08-08-31 US  Newsletter news
Wayne Pacelle: Friend of the Meat Industry 08-08-18 US  Article by Dr. Steven Best about HSUS activism
ARA Convicted for Anti-Fur Sticker 08-08-06 US, NC  Sticker violation pales in comparison to cruelty of fur law
Los Angeles Mayor lists Foie Gras as a Favorite 08-08-10 US, CA He says foie gras is "great." story
Kansas McDonald's "Tagged" 08-08-11 US, KS   McDonalds Tagged by ALF  food
Bird Pet Store Protest 08-08-09 US, NJ Protest planned for August 23, 2008 activism
U.S. swimmer defies ban on AR protest 08-08-08 China Amanda Beard defies the request from China to not protest fur
Pigeon Shoot in PA 08-08-02 US, PA the cruelest pigeon shoot taking place at the Strausstown Gun Club in Pennsylvania hunting



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