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ARA Convicted for Small Removable Anti-Fur Sticker

Letter to the Editor

Asheville Citizen-Times, August 6, 2008

Sticker violation pales in comparison to cruelty of fur

The local furrier recently had me arrested for placing an easily removable anti-fur sticker just larger than a quarter on his window. Surveillance equipment caught me, and I pled no contest to second-degree trespass, declining his offer to drop the charge in exchange for relinquishing my rights to free speech and assembly in front of his store. It?s bizarre that the district attorney prosecuted such a petty event and wasted the taxpayers? money when no damage was done.

In court, the furrier played up his "victim" status. He complained that his store had been repeatedly vandalized over the years, which had nothing to do with the sticker or me. He makes his living off of tortured animals used for luxury items, and has the audacity to consider himself the victim.

Animals raised in captivity for their skins are driven insane from the confinement and are denied expression of their natural instincts. Methods of killing animals for fur include neck-breaking, anal and oral electrocution, gassing, drowning, trapping in steel-jaw leghold traps, poisoning, etc. In China, some are skinned alive.

For more information on the real victims of the fur trade, go to  or rent "The Witness" from Rosebud Video.

Terri David, Asheville

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