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AR Protests Coast to Coast

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For years, animal rights activists have protested all around the world from Madrid to Brussels to Vienna. Not to be outdone by the international community, Americans have likewise voiced their opinions and in no better place than college campuses--and I'm not just talking about UC Berkeley.

Although the notoriously liberal Cal students are still carrying on the tree-hugging tradition, the Animal Liberation Front has forces "fighting" throughout the nation. They've tried more pacifying methods of protesting but have been disappointed with their results. By resorting to tactics common to anti-abortion activists, animal lovers are bringing their picket signs to scientists' front doors to show that this time, it's personal.

At UCLA, one of the country's biggest research facilities, protesters have set a university van on fire, attempted to set off a firebomb in a professor's car, and flooded another professor's home with a garden hose. One scientist swore he would not longer perform animal research after they targeted his whole family.


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