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ALF "Retaliation" 08-07-20 world Woman Sentenced to 2 Years for Rescuing Dog, "Terrorists" Rescue More Animals in Retaliation activism
Sean Kirtley's Judge was fan of blood sports 08-07-20 UK The judge disclosed in a letter to lawyers that "one of my hobbies is game shooting" law
Miss Furida, US 08-07-18 US, FL   Protestors object to fur given as a prize media
GlaxoSmithKline Kills 12 Babies in Argentina 08-07-15 Argentina  HLS Supplier does testing on children with disastrous results testing
"Support Black Riders" Conference 08-07-11 US, CA Conference Attempts to Forge Coalitions activism
Jennifer Pryor to Ed Boks - LA Calif. 08-07-20 US, CA Jennifer Lee Pryor writes to Ed Boks about the Los Angeles Animal Shelter activism
AR Protests Coast to Coast 08-07-12 US animal rights activists protesting all around the world activism
Campaign to End Primate Testing 08-07-10 Europe call for ban on the use of primates in European laboratories in response to evidence of widespread cruelty in the trade in wild primates animal testing
Man Saves Black Bear From Drowning 08-07-08 US, FL  Man Rescues Bear story
EU Seal Fur Ban 08-07-02 Europe  Seal Fur Ban  fur
Carol Whitehead 08-07-02 US

Sometimes, it's not the animals that give Whitehead the most trouble.

New Fronts for Animal Liberation 08-07-02 Australia  Opinion of the state of the AL movement essay
Complaint filed against Gratiot animal shelter 08-07-01 US, MI An animal rights activist has filed a complaint with the Michigan Department of Agriculture shelter
Pet Safety and Protection Act 08-07-01 US Undercover investigation law - activism



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