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"Support Black Riders" Conference Attempts to Forge Coalitions

For Immediate Release
July 11, 2008

"Support Black Riders" Conference Attempts to Forge Coalitions, Focus Energy
Bloods, Crips to Join Original Black Panthers, Anarchists, Eco- and Animal Liberationists

Los Angeles: A Controversial conference taking place this weekend in Los Angeles (6120 South Vermont Avenue ) will bring together organizers of various oppressed groups in a show of solidarity for imprisoned community activists. The "Solidarity Summer Festival" will convene Saturday to garner support for the Black Riders Liberation Party, members of which are in jail, political prisoners framed on weapons charges by undercover police trying to silence their resistance to state oppression.

Scheduled to speak at a 12:00 noon Press Conference on Saturday at the site of the meeting are Black Riders Liberation Party members, including Deacon Alexander (president of Black Panther party Alumni Association), Elder Freeman (original L.A. Panther), members of the Bloods and Crips, community organizers, and animal liberation activist Jerry Vlasak, MD. A message of solidarity in resistance to a racist and speciesist state is expected.

Participating in the speeches and workshops will be original members of the Black Panther Party, including Elder Freeman, Wayne Phar and others, and former Weather Underground activist Michael Novick; currently active Crips and Bloods will join together and tie the red rag and blue rag together for a symbol of truce and unity.

Police presence and intervention is widely expected in efforts to maintain the bloody status quo used so effectively by law enforcement for decades to imprison wide swaths of the black and activist community.

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"Only force can help where force prevails"- Bertolt Brecht

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