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Jane Goodall appeals for animal testing ban 08-05-28 Belgium  Jane Goodall & other scientists appealed to European Union officials to do more to end the testing of animals for science. animal testing
Oprah Discussion of Vegetarianism and AR 08-05-22 US Animal rights discussions on Oprah's discussion boards. media
DC Horse Demo 08-05-21 US It was a wonderful demo, we caught the Embassy totally by surprise. protest
Veggie Pride Parade 08-05-21 US Proud Vegetarians, in Costume, Take to the Streets activism
WAR's Video Banned on MySpace 08-05-20 US WAR's first video, produced in collaboration with Protect the Innocent, has been CENSORED and BANNED by MySpace. media
Attack of the Invasive Species Committee of Maui 08-05-17 US, HI The Invasive Species Committee has scheduled the extermination of Conures any day now, by shooting. birds
Europe Bullish on Animal Rights 08-05-10 UK Europe's animal rights movement is ferociously against bullfighting activism
Mercy for Animals Undercover Investigation 08-05-09 US, CA   An undercover investigation into one of California�s largest egg factory farms factory farms
A Call Out to Midwestern ARAs 08-05-08 US, IL   AR Conference in Chicago, July 25th through 27th, 2008 meeting
The Animal Research War - book 08-05-05 world   Book written from the perspective of animal researchers media
Asking for Help in Washington State 08-05-03 US, WA   Request to rescue animals in Washington activism
Truck Attacked for Supplying HLS 08-05-01 US, CA Delivery Truck in Garden Grove, CA Attacked by ALF for Supplying HLS activism
Activists Win Anti-Slapp Motion Against Los Angeles 08-05-01 US, CA This is the 3rd anti-slapp motion won by ARAs campaigning to "Stop the Killing" at LA�s Dept. of Animal Services (LAAS) law



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