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PETA: It's Time for Liberation Project

You all know and love the cute side of peta2, but every now and then, we need to keep things serious. After all, millions of animals are dying around the world every day, and each animal suffers terribly before his or her last breath. The time for liberation is now!

With Liberation: A Project by peta2, we're offering an online museum exhibit, a new video that's perfect to show to family and teachers, and more. We did some really exciting things with this site, so let us know what you think.

Why are we doing this? Because it doesn't matter who the victims are or why they're oppressed. All injustices are wrong. No one wants to suffer, right? Not you, your parents, your dog, or the chicken forced to live in a wire cage without enough space to spread even one wing.

It's time to stand up and take this issue seriously. We should learn from the atrocities of the past to bring about a compassionate world for everyone in the future. Check out the new site and send it to everyone you know.

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