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Global Boycott Procter & Gamble May 17, 2008

March 06, 2008

Please join us for Global Boycott Procter & Gamble (P&G) Day XII on Sat. 17th May - the centrepiece of the worldwide campaign to end P&G�s cruel and unnecessary animal testing. P&G continue to test on animal to develop new cosmetic, cleaning and even 'pet' food products.

On this Day of Action thousands of animal activists will unite to expose P&G�s callous abuse and inform people about cruelty-free shopping in dozens of countries all around the world.

Research shows the vast majority of people oppose these types of animal tests, and would boycott unethical companies if given relevant, reliable information. We possess that crucial information, and, with your help, we can place it in the hands of the consumers who crave it.

This is the largest Day of Action of its kind. Our efforts on this Day, and throughout the year, can save tens of thousands of animals from a horrific fate at the hands of P&G�s vivisectors.

"We know we�re getting there. But we won�t get there without you by our side!"


We will be opening exciting new fronts in our battle against P&G�s cruelty. It will take our cruelty-free message to the public on a scale never before seen in the UK.

Details are currently being finalised. We will furnish all our Uncaged Animal Allies, activists and anyone who returns the enclosed form with details and developments as we are able to release them. Sign up NOW to be part of something great! It promises to be a quantum leap for the Boycott P&G campaign!

Get up, Get into it, Get Involved

There is a Guide to P&G Day at:  - it discusses in detail the different ways you can get involved, such as protests, stunts, street theatre, stalls and leafleting in town centres and outside supermarkets.

Also, organise protests etc. at P&G sites, or displays & information events at school, college, library, health-food shop, or workplace, and/or by firing off letters to all your regional media and online forums.

There's more information & leaflets, posters and petitions available to download at  and 

We are offering a FREE CAMPAIGN PACK of posters, leaflets, stickers & petitions to all participants - although donations to help with costs would be a massive help!

Register Now!

By emailing: . Visit  to submit your Boycott P&G pledge and photo. Ask everyone you know to do likewise!

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Yours for animals� rights

Max Newton - Campaigns Co-ordinator - 

Uncaged is on FACEBOOK! Visit:  to join our group.

"Tests on animals have led to around 100 drugs being thought potentially useful for stroke; not one has proved effective in humans. You don't need to be a balaclava-wearing animal rights activist to question the value of animal studies in this area of medical research."

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