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2007 Review: Animal Liberation Press Office

January 3, 2008

2007 Review: Animal Liberation Press Office

During its third full year of operation, the North American Animal Liberation Press Office has had the good fortune to see acts of animal liberation continue to increase, and succeeded in increasing the visibility of that struggle and its victims. With the support of thousands of activists and benefactors, Press Officers completed more than 70 interviews with the mainstream media, provided the animals' side of the story in dozens of news articles and accounts, delivered inspirational and informative talks all over the world, and hopefully inspired many more people to join the struggle against those who abuse, exploit, torture, and murder non-human animals.

There were at least 53 claimed actions by the animal liberation underground in North America in 2007, almost twice the number from the year before - and there are undoubtedly many more actions that went unclaimed. From amongst these acts of liberation and sabotage, we were able to document and publicize numerous successes on behalf of animals in 2007, including:

POM Wonderful juice company pledged to stop all animal testing after the Animal Rights Militia claimed to have tampered with their product on east coast store shelves (January 17)

Animal Liberationist Peter Young was freed from prison, rejoining the movement to inspire activists to take on animal abusers (February 1)

Eco-warrior Jeff Leurs had his 23 year prison sentence for burning SUV tires overturned. (February 15)

20 rabbits saw freedom in South Carolina as a result of an ALF liberation. (February 28)

UCLA, UCSD and OHSU vivisectors come under increased attack; no more business-as-usual torturing animals in California and Oregon. (June, July, August, October, November, December)

8 fishing boats were disabled on the US east coast, unable to participate in tournament designed to kill fish for amusement (August 22)

A Norwegian whaling ship was sunk in its harbor. (September 16)

6000 wild mink were set free from their prison by activists in Newfoundland. (September 18)

Wachovia Securities and AXA Group cut their ties to HLS after ALF attacks. (November 17)

102 hens go free from Utah farm when ALF raids their facility. (November 23)

There were regrettably also some losses for animals during the year - most notably, the imprisonment of warriors from the Pacific Northwest who were victims of snitches like Jacob Ferguson, Stan Meyerhoff, Jen Kolar, Chelsea Gerlach, Darren Thurston, Kevin Tubbs, Kendall Tankersly, Lauren Weiner, and Zach Jensen. As a result, our movement added new prisoners Jonathan Paul, Daniel McGowan, Joyanna Zacher, Nathan Block, and Eric McDavid. These prisoners of the state need and deserve our support. To learn more, visit .

To all those liberationists and liberationists-to-be, you have our eternal thanks and never-ending support. To those who cannot or will not join their ranks, help out by supporting the Press Office instead of wasting your money sending it to national organizations that pay six-figure salaries and wallow in expensive office buildings. And to those who exploit, abuse, torture, and murder our non-human brethren: May you feel the heat in more ways than one in 2008!

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