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Research Monkeys in South Carolina

December 11, 2007

I recently quit work at what I didn't know was an animal testing facility! Over 3,000 monkeys of different species reside or try to reside in horrible conditions, single cages, and exposed to pressure washing and cold everyday. I couldn't take it so I walked out December 3, 2007.

This facility is called Alpha Genisis INC. (AGI) and they are located in Yemassee and Hampton, South Carolina.

 These monkeys are constantly TB tested, euthanized, and 12 kg monkeys are being kept in single cages. There are Aids monkeys, monkeys with gashes in their heads. I couldn't take it I thought I was going to be working somewhere like a clinic like atmosphere where you actually take care of animals to be brought back to a loving home not to be poked and prodded on!

They have monkeys there with probes in their brains where they cut away half of their skull to insert them. They are "monitoring" their brain waves as they have to do puzzles to get their food... to me that's torture...

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