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Sad Status of All Creatures Great and Small of Henderson Co., N.C.

Information about All Creatures Great and Small of Henderson Co. NC

They have 600+ animals and the State has made a deal with them after 10 yrs of complaints about the care and conditions the animals are in

This group is moving to SC in March, 2008 to a new 2 million dollar building and as many of us know from experience with this group the animals will not get any better care. They only want the money from donations.

PETA was there for many months and got video that can be seen on their web site.

The video is a true accounting for the place I have seen this place worse and I also many years ago worked there and I left because of the conditions and because the animals were denied vet care and died horrible deaths due to mauling and lack of food and also distemper and parvo that went untreated . This is still going on.

Everywhere we turn to we hit brick walls. Our local DA will not file charges for PETA , ALDF, or even private parties, this is what we think happened with the state DOA and why they made a deal I have more info if needed.

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