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Tiffany E. Sutton; author on a talk show

Tiffany Sutton will not speak on an animal welfare talk show Friday, November 30.

Although the interviewer stated that she loved Tiffany's book, "Compassion is a Choice", she planned for the interview to be contentious.

Below are some of the questions the interviewer intended to ask, which gives people an opportunity to see WHY Tiffany backed out of the show.

Tiffany is talking to another show host who is interested in interviewing her soon and she said she would let her pick the questions or topics upfront. Tiffany is also talking to 2 different internet talk show companies about what hosting her own show would entail...That way, she can make certain that anyone who participates is treated with respect.

Interview Questions:

Chaining Dogs/Keeping Outside Pets?

1. What about the argument that animals are property not family members and, that you are treating them like humans?

Animals are not property any more than I am my boyfriend's property or a black person is a white person's property. Period. If you feel an animal is an object, don't adopt one. I do treat my companion animals like humans. That's what a loving pet owner does. For their love and devotion, it's what they deserve.

2. Many pets are use for security purposes, aren�t they going to be better guard dogs kept outside?

If you need protection, buy a gun, an alarm system, or hire a security guard. No animal should be used to guard your home or junk yard.

3. You say an animal should be indoors, what about all the homeless people, shouldn�t you be helping them instead of the animals?

You failed to mention how I said that I did and probably will continue to give money to homeless people. What is the title to that chapter? Exactly. But, this was supposed to be about animal welfare, last time I checked. People can generally help themselves. Animals do not have the resources to help themselves.

4. How does humanity benefit from helping animals instead of eating them, using them for work or, clothing?

So, apparently you didn't read my book at all or are not interested in animal welfare, or you'd know the answer to this. Animals are not here to provide anyone with food, clothing or entertainment. If you love animals, you don't ask such questions.

5. You say that "Most people will be receptive if you are trying to do something nice for their pet", I�ve met some very nasty people who basically tell you to mind your own business. How should one approach them?

That's why I said "most people." If someone is hateful or dangerous, when you offer them help in a polite manner, then call an animal cruelty investigator or the local SPCA and let them step in. If you see an animal with no dog house or a cat that has no shelter, report their owner to the authorities.

6. Maintaining Your Pet�s Good Health

7. You say that pets should get supplements. There is a nutritional philosophy that says that supplements are really not necessary. That you should get all your nutrients from the food you eat. If so, then why give a pet supplements? Shouldn�t it be able to get its nutrients from the food it eats?

It should. But, when you have cheap-ass people buying generic dog food or feeding their dog food with minimal nutrition, I simply recommend supplements. They are VERY inexpensive and make up for what most pet foods lack. BTW, most pet food being sold is not as nutritious as it seems. That is why I encourage people to research what they are feeding their pet. Why didn't you mention this?

8. Besides, supplements and pet supplies are expensive. What if you have a limited budget?

If you cannot afford to feed and care for your pet properly, do not adopt one. Just like if you can't afford baby food, doctor visits and infant formula, you don't get pregnant. Same thing. I have friends who are considered "poor" who provide supplies, food, vitamins and vet visits for their pets. I have 20+ pets myself...You are trying to preach to the choir on this one. I also bought a bottle of dog vitamins for all my dogs for less than $10. Animals need vitamins just like people do. Most people and animals do not get the proper nutrition through their diets.

What Do I Feed My Pets?

9. You say that animal by-products are harmful. May cultures around the world eat animal by-products and, they have no health problems. Besides, if animals are going to be slaughtered for meat, shouldn�t everything be used so it doesn�t go to waste?

1) Don't slaughter animals in the first place. 2) Consuming meat and meat products has proven to contribute to numerous diseases and illnesses. Not eating meat is simply a way to help prevent many health issues. Just because someone's culture normally eats meat, doesn't mean they have to. People can educate themselves and change. I changed and so has my immediate family and a few friends.

10. Why don�t you use canned cat food?

I am tired of answering that question. Esp. when I said upfront I did not wish to discuss the contents of my book or myself. I am an advocate of dry food for animals. But, you can eat whatever you want.

11. You say: "Don�t ever force your pets or anyone to eat something if they don�t want it." Some people might say, they eat it once they become hungry and realize they don�t have a choice. What do say about that?

I say if someone thinks a particular dog food tastes so great, then they should eat it. But, don't force your dog to if they don't like it.

12. You say you sometimes feed your dogs corn tortillas? What about the fact that corn produces dandruff and dry skin, an allergic reaction many dogs have to it?

Well, given that they might eat a piece of a corn tortilla about once a month, I don't really see how that is relevant. Do you? I was giving examples of different dishes I make-up and that was one...There are dozens. I also explained what I give my dogs for dry skin, on top of their food. I guess you chose to ignore that part. If your dog has an allergic reaction to something, don't feed it to them...A brilliant concept.

13. I barely have time to cook for myself, why should I cook for my dog if it�s more convenient to just open a can or poor from a bag?

Well, as I said in the book, which you are obviously hellbent on harping on, I don't cook for myself either. I work full time, am self employed and have a house and yard to maintain like everyone else. If someone can't find the time to heat up some veggies or steam some rice or whatever, that is their issue. As the title of that chapter said, this is what I feed MY animals. I also said that I did not recommend what other people should feed their animals. I also won't discuss or defend what I feed my animals. I have 14 and 15 year old dogs...It would appear I know what is best for my pets.

Caring For Senior Pets

14. Well, if a person can�t take care of a Senior pet or, cannot afford the medications, vet bills, etc. Shouldn�t they just have the pet euthanized? It would be more merciful, wouldn�t it?

So, you are saying to kill an animal as opposed to giving them some medication or providing him with a vet visit? Isn't that part of the deal when you adopt an animal...To care for them for life? Notice I said LIFE. I only believe in euthanizing an animal when they are deathly ill and can no longer function, eat, or have any quality of life.

Spaying and Neutering

15. What about maturity issues of spayed and neutered pets?

I'm not the one with the maturity issues here. You spay and neuter your pets, period.

Why Free To Good Home Is Not a Good Idea

16. How do you know animals that are being adopted are being used as test animals? Aren�t you exaggerating?

I explained this in depth. You are trying to insult my research and intelligence, along with everyone else's. I wish I were exaggerating. I also wish you would have asked me a question that will actually help animals. Animals die in labs everyday because of such ignorance on this subject.

17. But if we didn�t have animal testing, then many of the products we used wouldn�t exist? Animals are doing a service to human beings when being used for testing.

Well, given that there are about 450 alternative methods for animal testing, which you should know if you claim to be an animal rights activist, you wouldn't be asking me such an ignorant question. BTW, go sign up to see what it's like to be dissected, burned alive, put in restraints and have electrodes put into your skull while you are conscious. These animals are tortured and thrown away like a piece of garbage. Go see how YOU would like it. Anyone that thinks animals are here on this earth to endure such pain for their "benefit" should experience what animal testing is like...for themselves. Go sign up. I'll pay for it.

18. If you charge a fee, then you�re acting like a breeder. Aren�t you?

I have suggested if someone believes a person might have bad intentions when adopting a free animal, to please have them give you $20 (normally what science labs pay for animals.) Then, I say to go buy them a gift card for pet supplies with that money. Just to make certain they have good intentions. So, how the hell would that make somone a breeder? They didn't breed the animal, they are simply assisting with adoption. It makes you a jerk for even asking such a thing. This is why I have written and published such articles as "Why Free To A Good Home Is Not A Good Idea."

Owen�s Story

19. Could you talk about Owen the Feral cat

I wrote an entire chapter about Owen. He was a tortured homeless cat that I rescued and rehabilitated. Again, I was adamant that I did NOT want to discuss the contents of my book. People can read it if they want to. My own companion animals are not up for discussion. I don't get the impression you actually care anyway.

Keeping Pets Safe in Times of Disaster

20. You are very outspoken about how people had No excuse about leaving their pets behind. However, there were many senior citizens that couldn�t evacuate on their own and, wanted to take their pets but the rescue teams, didn�t let them? How can you accuse these poor people of leaving their pets if they had no choice themselves? I remember one case of someone who refuse to leave his dog and, was taken by force.

As I stated, I evacuated with 18 animals at the time. The city of Houston used every school bus in town to evacutate both elderly people and their pets. New Orleans could have been resourceful enough to do the same thing. They also had two weeks of warning to GET OUT. When the national guard says to evacuate, you do. And, you don't tie your pets to a tree or lock them up in the process. Were you in the midst of any of this? Given that you are in CA, you don't have a CLUE about what went on. How dare you. I lived it. BTW, I also stated someone would have to shoot me over leaving my animals. You failed to mention that.

It Is Not Okay to Eat Domestic Animals

21. Do we have any right telling other countries/people what they can or cannot eat?

I don't go around telling people what to eat or not eat. I tell them how I eat and how I came to be this way. The rest is up to them. If you read my book, which you insist on harping on, you already know this. If people want to end starvation and world hunger, being a vegetarian is their permanent path to doing that. If everyone on earth were a vegetarian, there would be no starving people.

22. In many cases people started eating these animals because of the starvation they had to endure during wars or specific periods in their history and, the tradition just lived on. How do you change tradition and, years (if not centuries) of it?

This is not the caveman era. Let's evolve here. I could respond to this for hours or days. I am not trying to change the world or traditions. I am trying to educate people, one person at a time. What they do with that info. is up to them. Whether I will be affilated with them or not is my choice. I already made that decision with you when I read your first question.

Don�t complain About World Hunger and Go Eat A Hamburger

23. In this section, you go after meat eaters, Christians and factory farming. Could you explain how and why you packed them together?

24. In the Bible, it says that "God looked favorably at Abel�s offering to him, which was the first-born of the flock and, the their fat as well. So, slaughtering animals for offerings to God is ok. While Cain, who later killed his brother Abel, offered "produce of the soil". So, according to the bible, God accepts slaughtering animals while looks down at farming. So Christians are permitted by God to slaughter animals.

Response to BOTH questions...Actually, I don't "go after" anyone. It's not in my nature to do that. And, I don't recall lumping those categories together. It is my book...You know, the one you insist on asking me about when I agreed to talk about animal abuse and compassion towards animals. BTW, they say Jesus was a vegetarian. Go debate him. What about "thou shalt not kill?" Or, is that open to your interpretation, too?

25. Can you talk about hormones fed to animals and their consequences when consumed by people?

I only wrote several chapters about that...Including my own story and why I eat the way I do now. You are basically wanting me to read my book to people for free? There are serious health consequences and serious medical data to back it up. Factory farmed animals are being pumped full of illegal amounts of hormones and chemicals. This is turn harms these animals AND the humans who eat them. What part of this do you fail to understand?

26. Can you talk about the relationship between people�s bad eating habits and, other people�s economic liability?

I did talk about that, in depth. So why are you asking me about it? You already know the answer. And, so do the people who insist on clogging their own arteries, causing my health insurance to go up.

27. What about environmental effects?

I went over that in depth, too. You can ask me, but you don't have the time for the answers. And, you probably can't handle my answers. Refer to "100 Reasons to Go Vegetarian"...That will explain it clearly. Obviously, when I explained it, you didn't bother to read it.

Never Use Income as an Excuse to Eat Poorly

28. However, Organic produce is two or three times more expensive than regular produce and, genetically modified produce is even cheaper.

As I said in the book, I have friends who are on a tight budget and some who are considered to be poor. Yet, they eat a cruelty-free diet. I have a friend who eats on less than a few bucks a day, cruelty-free. I don't recall writing about produce or anything related to that. That is up to the individual. I was just stating that it is possible, if they want to.

Compassion Towards Animals � From A Woman�s Perspective

29. You said, "if your dog or cat doesn�t like someone, maybe your pet is trying to tell you something", what if they are just being possessive or jealous of not getting attention? How do you tell the difference?

If you know your pet, you know the difference. And, I explained this topic, too. Pets don't act out of jealousy upon initially meeting someone. If you can't pick up on your dog or cat not liking someone, you don't know your pet very well.

30. Can you help me find someone?

I might have considered it... If you hadn't insulted my intelligence, intentionally ignored the topics we initially agreed upon (compassion, helping animals, eating cruelty-free, etc...) along with asking things that would offend the entire animal welfare community. So, no, not a chance in hell. There is no one that I know that would even be friends with you after reading these juvenille and ridiculous questions.

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