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Volunteer at LAAS Resigns


"Following on the heels of the resignation of Marie Atake from the Commission and another once very dedicated Volunteer from LAAS, I urge you to read my account of the disparaging treatment I have patiently tolerated during the past six months from some LAAS employees at all levels and, ultimately, from Ed Boks. I apologize in advance for writing the rather lengthy account that is attached and which includes a few additional pages for your perusal, but because some of you may not know me or may not be aware of my situation, I felt it prudent to detail some of the pertinent events that have brought me to this point.

By way of introduction, my name is Sherry and I have been a VOLUNTEER with LAAS for more than a year. Prior to last March, most of my spare time (I work all week) was devoted to trying to enhance the lives of dogs at the East Valley Animal Shelter (my neighborhood shelter) and to educate the public about owning a dog. However, towards the end of March, without warning, I was handed a letter advising me I was no longer welcome to VOLUNTEER at East Valley based on hearsay allegations made by some staff. Since then, and as all who know me can vouch, I have relentlessly been seeking from LAAS whatever evidence it purports to have that would validate my dismissal from the East Valley shelter. Tougher still has been my attempts to reason with a dysfunctional Department that appears incapable of adhering to its own policies and procedures.

You might ask, why make such an issue from being dismissed as a VOLUNTEER from one shelter when I am able to go to the others? Because my choice of where to VOLUNTEER was taken away from me. Because it became necessary to defend my integrity. Because a few Commissioners on the Board of Animal Services have been apprised of the illicit tactics used by Mr. Boks and his staff to remove volunteers and employees from sites where whistle-blowers are feared, and the Commissioners have turned their cheeks.

If the Mayor, the Commissioners on the Board of Animal Services, and members of the City Council feel these issues are not worthy of discussion and they fail to rein in Mr. Boks and his staff, I would remind those who may consider running for office in the next election that all the volunteers and their families and friends have a tremendous computer network, and we all vote.

I am aware that other volunteers fear reprisal if they speak out, but I would encourage those of you who have experienced disrespect from employees of this Department and have witnessed the neglect of shelter animals to please come forward, at least for your love of the animals.

Thank you for taking the time from your busy schedules to read the attachments,


Note From ADL-LA:

In October 2005, Mayor Villaraigosa and his deputy Jimmy Blackman stated to Animal Defense League-LA and others in the humane community, promised that they were going to hire Nathan Winograd's No Kill Solutions, to consult and to hire a general manager who could implement the No Kill Equation (as Winograd has done in Philadelphia and other cities.) They hired Ed Boks instead, because billionaire Gary Michelson promised Villaraigosa's office a large contribution if the Mayor hired his THEN friend Ed Boks (who was out of a job in NYC because the animal commission refused to renew Boks contract.)


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