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Gloria Steinem on Covance Cruelty

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October 6, 2007
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MADISON- Covance, Inc., one of Madison's largest employers, is no longer welcome as a sponsor of a local fundraising event. Gloria Steinem, who will appear in Madison to help celebrate the 30th anniversary of a local human services agency, asked that the organization drop Covance as a sponsor of their October 16th event.

Ms. Steinem, one of the stars of the modern feminist movement and founder of Ms. Magazine, has taken a public stand against animal research. In its sprawling laboratory complex near Madison's airport, thousands of monkeys, dogs and other live animals are used by Covance to test drugs, cleaning products and other chemicals. When alerted by the Alliance for Animals Primate Freedom Project, a partnership between a Madison-based animal rights group and a small national nonprofit, that Covance was a major sponsor of the 30th anniversary celebration, Ms. Steinem was concerned and issued a statement through her New York office:

"Gloria Steinem expressed her severe discomfort at participating at an event for [a local human services agency] sponsored by Covance after she was alerted to the fact that thousands of animals suffer in the Covance laboratories. She stated, 'Animal abuse is so connected to domestic abuse -- literally in a household, but societally in a more general way, too.' Using one's power to harm others is contrary to Ms. Steinem's life's work and Covance was dropped as a sponsor for the event."

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"We are grateful to Ms. Steinem for standing against violence in all of its forms," states Lori Nitzel, Executive Director of the Alliance for Animals. "If the public could see what goes on in the animal research labs they would demand an immediate end to this horrible abuse."

Covance's Madison, Wisconsin location consumes thousands of both dogs and monkeys annually in product tests of dubious value. Surreptitiously-made video recordings from within Covance primate labs in Germany and in Virginia have led to widespread condemnation of the company's practices.

In 2003, upon viewing video from the Covance lab in Germany, Jane Goodall said, "To use monkeys in experiments like this is absolutely not acceptable .The video that I saw showing how these helpless animals were treated, the brutality, the callousness, the joking and laughing, the total lack of dignity; they were being treated like inanimate things, and it deeply shocked me." [Animal News. 2003]

In 2007, Covance was ordered to pay PETA Europe $290,000 when a British court dismissed a lawsuit Covance brought to stop the group from publicizing video footage taken from inside a Covance monkey lab in Vienna, Virginia, during an 11-month undercover investigation in 2005. The video documents workers striking, choking, and taunting monkeys. The cages are small and barren. Monkeys were documented "circling frantically., pulling out their hair, and chewing their own flesh." []

Currently, local citizens in Chandler, Arizona, are fighting the planned building of another giant Covance animal testing lab. ["Covance new animal-testing plant still drawing controversy."]

The Alliance for Animals is a Wisconsin-based nonprofit organization advocating for the rights of all non-human animals by campaigning for humane treatment and educating for change. The Alliance for Animals advances its goals through demonstrations, media outreach, conferences, investigations, legislation, and person-to-person contact, as we strive to fundamentally transform how society views and treats all sentient beings.

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