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Lobsters Escape in Germany 07-10-29 Germany  Lobsters Liberate Themselves story
New AR website in Los Angeles 07-10-29 US, CA takes on a sleazy, oppressive, and fascist City government media
Is Univ. of Hawaii Hiding Animal Torture? 07-10-22 US, HI   Letter to the editor of Hawaiian Newspaper animal testing
News of a shocking discovery 07-10-22 Spain   Large facility for monkey breeding for vivisection found in Spain animal testing
Amy Kerwin: Giving Back to the Monkeys 07-10-14 US Amy Kerwin worked as a UW primate researcher. Now she's trying to create a sanctuary. animal testing
International Conference for Critical Animal Studies 07-10-14 US, Montana Program Theme: Animal and Earth Advocacy: Links of Life confer.
Research Posing as Rescue 07-10-12 US   List of Animal Researchers Posing as Rescue and / or Transport Groups alert
Primate Liberation Week 07-10-12 US   National Primate Liberation Week starts Saturday Oct 13 protest
Animal Advocates 07-10-11 US   Peter Young and other ARAs activism
Loving Animals 07-10-12 world   Editorial from opinion
The Squirrel Wars 07-10-11 UK   Fight over squirrels in the United Kingdom activism
Gloria Steinem on Covance 07-10-10 US, WI   Gloria Steinem says no to Covance Cruelty animal testing
Animal Ethicists Research Lab 07-10-10 US   PETA undercover at Vanderbilt University animal testing
Anti-fur Demo/March 07-10-09 US, MD   Plus International Day of Action - Oct 27 & November 3rd protest
LOHV - NYC Celebration, November 10 07-10-04 US, NY   League of Humane Voters of New York City celebrates 6 years of political action for animals! activism
Volunteer at LAAS Resigns 07-10-03 US, CA  Yet another frustrated employee at Los Angeles Animal Shelter politics
Ecuador Poisoning Dogs 07-10-02 Ecuador   Ecuador poisoning dogs activism 07-10-01 Spain   Barbarie en Algemesí 2007  
Warwak vs. Fox River Grove School District 07-10-03 US, IL   Vegan teacher who was terminated is seeking reinstatement law
Protest Huntingdon Life Sciences October 7, 2007 07-10-03 US, NY   Protest in New York City October 7 Protest
Cats on Meth at Ohio State University 07-10-02 US, OH Cats-on-meth testing begins again animal testing
Moravek Biochemicals Terminates Animal Lab 07-10-02 US, CA Moravek Biochemicals Terminates Business with Notorious Animal Lab activism
Hardee's, Carl's Jr. and PETA Reach Deal 07-10-01 US, CA Fast-food chains will begin purchasing eggs and pork from suppliers who do not keep animals in cages or crates activism
Coca-Cola Pulls Funding for Animal Tests! 07-10-01 Europe PETA Victory: Coca-Cola Pulls Funding for Animal Tests! activism



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