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New AR website in Los Angeles

Animal Defense League Los Angeles (ADL-LA) has become cognizant of a new website that we believe exemplifies the creativity and fighting spirit that (up until recently) has characterized our democracy. It seems, and this is just speculation, that the appearance of this new website is a direct consequence of the unconstitutional and violative court orders laid upon ADL-LA regarding the ludicrous and unlawful limitations on ADL-LA's website.

When deputy prosecutors like Spencer Hart and Richard Kraft have nothing more progressive to do with their careers than serve as paid whores to the likes of Rocky Delgadillo, conjuring up ridiculous ways to control public websites critical of the department of Los Angeles Animal Services (LAAS), others who still possess a fighting sprit akin to our forefathers, seem to step up to the plate and create their own websites!

You would think that with all the rapes, street violence, gang-related knife and gun incidents and sexual assaults on young children occurring here in LA that Spencer Hart and Richard Kraft would be laser-focused on bringing the perpetrators of those crimes to justice. Alas, such is not the case. Instead, they spend their days monitoring the website to glean any and all petty and insignificant violations of the court orders by Judge Rice. How humiliating for Hart and Kraft, and how revealing of their character!

We at ADL-LA have to wonder how Hart and Kraft - and even Judge Rice can have the temerity to preoccupy themselves with picayune and trumped up legal charges against a group that is simply endeavoring to stop the needless slaughter inside LAAS. They must feel like the Nazi Gestapo who were so afraid to disobey their generals that they would misdirect and misapply their legal expertise to indict people who were guilty of nothing more than trying to expose Hitler's atrocities against the Jews, Gypsies, gays, and other politically disenfranchised German citizens.

Because the new site is being designed and presented by individuals who are completely separate from and unknown to ADL-LA, we have the right to suggest highly that you visit this new site to learn what ADL-LA is under court orders NOT to show you - and even to discover information beyond that which is known to ADL-LA itself!

Whoever the individuals are behind this new site,, they should be applauded for their willingness to take on a sleazy, oppressive, and fascist City government that has been harassing and violating the rights of Animal Defense League Los Angeles and its website,, for over four years now. Not to mention the continuing slaughter of innocent non-human animals in City pounds....shame on the City of Los Angeles and its heartless bureaucrats!

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