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Animal Research Posing as Rescue and/or Transport Groups

Subject: ALERT cross post - Animal Research Posing as Rescue and/or Transport Groups

Many of you are already aware that there are groups associated with animal research who pose as Rescue and/or Transport Groups periodically with the full intent of stealing the animals in transport and delivering and/or selling them for animal research.

The complete listing has been included in a new file in the FILE section of our index. Please copy and paste for your convenience and refer often to the names listed.

I'm sure there are other groups or names associated with animal research that we are not aware of - but this will at least aid us in keeping safe. As you come across additional names that should be added to this list - post them here and they will be added to the filed list.

Thanks - Christy

86-B-0050 Ranaco Corporation, DBA: Delta Biologicals (Tucson)
(deals in dead cats--from outside th e US)

33-B-0007 Michael Cooper,
DBA: Triple C Farms (St. Joseph)

32-B-0045 Mark and Penny Lynch,

DBA: LBL Kennels (Reelsville)

61-B-0124 Perry and Crystal Foster,

DBA: Mountain Top Kennels

34-B-0001 Roberta and James Woudenberg,
DBA: R&R Research (Howard
34-B-0002 Fred Hodgins, DBA: Hodgins Kennels (Howell)

41-B-0017 Kenneth Schroeder (Well s)

43-B-0032 Danny & Mildred Schachtele,
DBA: Middlefork Kennels

55-B-0010 Carolina Biological Supply Company (Burlington)

(deals in dead cats)

55-B-0081 John H. And Eva Wise,
DBA: Hillside Kennel (Four Oaks)
(deals in dead cats)
55-B-0107 LBS Biological Inc. (Graham) (deals in dead cats)

55-B-0076 S. E. Lab Animal Farm Inc. (Raleigh)
(deals in dead dogs and cats)

31-B-0104 Robert Perry (Mt. Sterling)

73-B-0130 Henry Lee Cooper,
DBA: C & C Kennels (Wewoka)

23-B-0004 Bruce Rotz (Shippensburg)

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