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foa/a-note-to-our-members 07-09-20 US   Friends of Animals response to LTE regarding Primary Primates shelters /watch?v= 7KY9LaxVkDM 1992 world Video of child from the UN Earth Summit 1992 but relevant today. activism
Eric McDavid's Trial 07-09-19 US, OR   Trial of Eric McDavid law
Rod Coronado Trial 07-09-14 US, CA   Trial of Rod Coronado law
Vegan Teacher May Lose His Job 07-09-12 US, WI  Vegan teacher spreads word about diet and is removed activism
LA Mayor Supports Animal Cruelty 07-09-10 US, CA Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa supports criminal animal cruelty and neglect. activism
EU to world: Don't use primates in experiments 07-09-09 Europe EU to world: "The use of primates n experiments is not acceptable." animal testing
Anita Roddick and the Body Shop 07-09-06 France Anita Roddick has used The Body Shop's buyout by L'Oreal to teach the French giant about community trade shopping
Crush the Cage Conference 07-09-05 US, MA conference for the Northeastern animal liberation movement, November 9-11. activism
Mayor fails animals, then lies about it 07-08-25 US, CA  Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa fails Los Angeles' animals, then lies about it shelters
Protest Huntingdon Life Sciences 07-08-22 US, NY Date/Time: August 26, 2007 at 2:00 PM
Place: 279 Central Park W. (88 St.) - New York City
Dogfighting In Kansas 07-08-18 US, KS   There is an alleged large dogfighting ring based in Atchison county, Kansas dog fighting
A Note About Michael Vick by Francione 07-08-17 US, GA Comments about the prosecution of Vick law
Support Ban on Cages 07-08-16 world Why Animal Rights Advocates Should Support Efforts to Ban the Cruelest Confinement and Most Abusive Slaughter of Farmed Animals farm animals
Fur Underground 07-08-15 world   "Behind the Mask" reactions media
Did Rescuers Go Too Far? 07-08-14 Canada Tre Smith smashed a window and pulled Cyrus from an overheated SUV. He handcuffed Soderholm to the car. law
AR Gets Righteous 07-08-14 UK  Evolution of animal rights activists philosophy
Will No Cage Hold Him? Monkey Again Escapes Zoo 07-08-13 US, MS A 9-year-old capuchin monkey at a Mississippi zoo, escaped his cage for the second time. zoos
youtube/watch?v=BGRbsefDybs 07-08--12 US 823,187 - the number of sentient beings killed for food while you watch this. veganism
LTE - Abolishing Cruelty 07-08-11 US, NC   Letter to editor: Abolishing Animal Cruelty activism
Hotel Protest 07-08-10 UK ARAs demontstrate outside Thornbury's luxury Castle Hotel activism
Necessary Anthropo-morphizing 07-08-09 US   Of Michael Vick and the nature of animals philosophy



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