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Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa Supports Animal Cruelty

by Animals of Los Angeles
Sep 10th, 2007 

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa supports criminal animal cruelty and neglect. He hired and still supports Ed Boks the General Manager of LA Animal Services. Ed Boks has allowed an extra 3,000 animals to die from illness and injury in their shelter cages in the past almost two years. This has got to stop!

Ed Boks the General Manager of LA Animal Services just loves to say he's the "biggest" or the "best" even though it's never true. Finally, Boks has indeed set a record. In August 2007 more animals died in the shelter from illness and injury than during any other month in the history of Animal Services. During the previous August 130 animals died in their cage but this year a whopping 812 died in their cage. Six times as many animals died from illness and injury under the "care" of Ed Boks.

In 2005 before Boks arrived the number dying was only 1,150. During Boks' first year 2006 the number dying doubled to 2,075. In the last 12 months 3,059 animals died in their cage. The number of animals dying in their cage has now tripled under his mismanagement. The number dying had been going down for years as intake was going down. Intake is down yet animals dying has increased three fold? If you or I let our pets die in a cage from illness or injury that would be considered animal cruelty and neglect. We'd be arrested and in jail. Even football player Mike Vick will probably go to jail for fighting and killing dogs. Boks here is being paid and commended by the City to commit the same exact crime!

Why are more animals dying? One reason is overcrowding. Boks is putting more animals in each cage so he doesn't have to euthanize them. He puts three pitbulls in one kennel then only has to euthanize one because the one pitbull killed the other two. The Animal Cruelty Task Force busts people for dog fighting. Maybe they just take a look in the shelters. There are more dog fights in the shelter that in the rest of the entire City.

This overcrowding doesn't just cause dog fights. It also spreads disease which kills animals. Dogs get parvo, kennel cough, distemper and other diseases. Cats get upper respiratory infections, feline infectious peritonitis and other diseases. Boks isn't doing anything about the dog fights or spread of disease because he doesn't care about the animals' welfare. A dead animal doesn't end up in his "euthanized" column. That's the only thing that matters to him, the numbers.

Euthanasia in the shelter in 2006 did not go down. Very recently it has gone down a little. Some of this is attributed to the increase in animals dying but not all. Boks is also refusing to take in the animals most likely to be euthanized, i.e. feral cats and kittens. Unweaned kittens/puppies intake for August was 1,248 in 2006. In 2007 it's 634 or 614 fewer. Kittens/puppies euthanized in August 2006 was 999. In 2007 it's 391, a decrease of 608. All of the decrease is neonate euthanasia is due to refusing to take them into the shelter. Nothing improved. And where do these turned away kittens and feral cats end up? On the street unspayed, unneutered, ready to make a ton more babies next year. The cat populations will now go up, not down but Boks won't be around next year so he doesn't care.

Let's take a look at the live release numbers. In August 2007 2,804 animals left the shelter alive through adoption, New Hope, returned to owner or released to foster. In 2006 2,791 left alive. There was no increase in the number of animals leaving alive. Let's take a look at the dead release numbers. In 2007 3,188 died or were euthanized. In 2006 3,285 died or were euthanized. There was no decrease in the number of animals leaving the shelter dead. Fewer leaving alive, just about the same number leaving dead. This is the first time ever there has been no improvement yet Boks is telling the world he's the "biggest" and the "best" shelter in the Nation?

Boks keeps claiming that Animal People ranked LA City number five in the nation in euthanasia per 1,000 citizens. He keeps saying in his blog "The City of LA is among the top five communities in the United States with the lowest, and fastest declining, euthanasia rate." He repeated this false claim at the press conference with the Mayor last month. This is completely untrue. LA City was not even included in the list! Here is the actual list and article. It's a large pdf file, article is on page 18 and 19.  Only LA County was included in the list. Note, there is no ranking in the list and there is no mention of any shelter being the "fastest declining euthanasia rate." The list does not even include all shelters in the nation. Boks completely fabricated his own version of the report here. 

Why is the City allowing Ed Boks to fabricate numbers, "rankings" and articles? Why is the City allowing Ed Boks to torture animals to death with illness and injury? Why is the Mayor allowing Ed Boks to commit intentional criminal animal cruelty and neglect? The Mayor is going to look like a total fool when everyone realizes that he hasn't improved things at all. Boks' only claim to fame here in LA is being known as the "number one animal killer in Los Angeles" and perhaps the "biggest liar." Single handedly with his overcrowding "program" he has killed an extra 2,000 animals in the past 12 months alone. In the almost two years that he's been here he's killed an extra 3,000 animals through illness and injury. What type of "NoKill" shelter manager manages to kill MORE animals? This killing has got to stop!

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