There is an alleged large dogfighting ring based in Atchison county, Kansas.

Recently, 12 live Pitbulls along with 8 dead dogs were removed from a well-know dogfighter's property in the 700 block of Washington Street in the city of Atchison, Kansas.

It is reported that this dogfighter transports dogs to various locations for fighting, including, but not limited to Potter, KS, Kansas City, MO & KS, Tonganoxie, KS, and Rushville, MO.

Dog carcasses have been discovered at various secluded locations (possibly near the Missouri river) in Atchison.  Atchison county law enforcement was recently forced to make an arrest on Washington Street due to the seriousness of the situation, but the 12 counts of felony animal cruelty for which the accused was originally charged were hurriedly downgraded to one count of misdemeanor animal cruelty by the Atchison county attorney.

Fear and apathy appear to have played significant roles in his misguided decision.

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