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Environmentalists vs ARAs 07-07-20 US, WA Environmental groups, such as the Sierra Club, say the number of geese should be reduced. activism
Grand Jury Urges Changes 07-07-20 US, NY The Ulster County grand jury that cleared animal abuse suspect Bruce Van Bramer in August 2006 has recommended sweeping changes to the state's animal cruelty laws. law
Animals Getting More Legal Protection 07-07-12 world In the United States, lawyers and legislators devote more of their time to animal rights. law
Last Chance for Animals' Undercover Investigation 07-07-12 US Investigation Into Rendering Facility Illustrates Dog and Cat Overpopulation Problem activism
Animal Welfare Issue is Boiling 07-07-09 US Many firms in the industry have moved to undertake a number of changes in response to customer concerns. society
Moby Hits Live Earth for Selling Meat 07-07-09 world Moby has hit out at organisers of the Live Earth concerts for selling meat at the shows food
Oregon Lawsuit for Chimp 07-07-09 US A lawsuit started by an Oregon animal sanctuary law
Exposed - UK's animal labs fail EU standards 07-06-21 UK   Conditions for animals in Britain’s research laboratories fall short of new Europe-wide guidelines which enter into force June 15. law
Cat and Dog Fur to be outlawed 07-06-19 Europe   Cat and dog fur to be outlawed in Europe law
Biteback Wins Law Suit vs NYSE 07-06-14 US, FL   Judge dismisses lawsuit against Animal Rights Web site law
Intentional cruelty now a felony 07-06-04 US, HI   New state law makes intentional animal cruelty a penalty law
Pepsi & Coke Stop Animal Research 07-06-02 US  Pepsi and Coke agree to stop financing research that uses animals activism



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