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Laboratory Animal Week, 2007

In animal experimentation decades, millions of animals each year have been forced to ingest all kinds of toxic substances, have caustic substances placed on their skin and in their eyes, they are genetically modified so they are born with all kinds of cancers and diseases, used in psychological experiments, used as teaching aids in medical & vet schools, tortured by the military for bioterror experiments and on and on.

Virtually anything you can imagine can or has been done to our brother & sister animals. It has been proven time and time again that using animal models to extrapolate information for human animals is not only ineffective but dangerous.

Animal experimentation has little relevance to human health. There is big money in vivisection like the company Huntington life sciences who tortures and kills around 500 animals of most species a day. As Isaac Singer said ".....for the animals, it is an eternal Treblinka"

We as a society must speak out against this holocaust against our brother & sister animals. Animal experimentation is an aberration, unnecessary and must end. There are non animal alternatives which exist and which are not employed, and more focus must be placed on developing animal alternatives.

Every injustice every act of violence against any sentient being makes us all the poorer.

It makes us all suffer ultimately. Morally and ethically, in the 21st Century we can no longer allow this injustice and crime continue. Please do all you can to spread the word to others, to speak out to government, to the media, editors and most importantly, adopt a cruelty free lifestyle and avoid products which have been tested on animals

From SAEN (Stop Animal Tests Now)

Lab animal info resource

Fighting animal experimentation is not easy. It takes a serious commitment, and a significant amount of time. But the most important part is starting out.

First, you need to get some general information. What happens during an animal experiment? What animals are used? How much does it cost? What labs use animals?

If you want to know if a lab in our area uses animals look at:  (US)

If you want to know what happens in an animal experiment, specifically a
primate experiment look at:

If you want to get more detailed information try: 

If you want to get access to fact sheets to distribute to the public:

If you want to research labs:

I hope that with World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week (April 22nd - 28th) less than 1 month away, all of us would join the fight against animal experiments. Between labs and dealers over 120,000 primates are imprisoned every year for animal experimentation. Similarly, over 100,000 dogs are imprisoned in labs and dealers. Thousands of cats, rabbits guinea pigs, hamsters, and hundreds of thousands of rats, mice, and many other species suffer and die every year.

We must speak for them, no one else will. Please participate in World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week 2007. Where will you be April 22nd - 28th?

Michael A. Budkie, A.H.T., Executive Director, SAEN

'the best guess for the correlation of adverse reactions in man and animal toxicity data is somewhere between 5% and 25%' Animal Toxicity Studies: Their Relevance to Man, Lumley and Walker (eds)(Quay, 1989), 57-67

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