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Rally for Grimes in Pennsylvania April 17

Please Attend a Rally for Grimes April 17, Hollidaysburg, PA

Show America We're Tired of Dogs Dying on the End of Chains, Tired of Abusers Walking

Courthouse � 423 Allegheny St. 9:00 A.M. Tuesday, April 17, 2007

On 4/17/07 there is a pre-trial motion hearing to dismiss all charges against DDB founder Tammy Grimes at the Blair County Courthouse at 10:30 a.m. Come to a pre-trial rally at the Hollidaysburg Courthouse to support Grimes and what she did for Doogie at 9:00 a.m. April 17th. We really need your help!

The first 100 supporters to arrive will receive a NEW I'm Standing Up for Doogie button, as well as a FREE Yard Sign, Calendar and Car Magnet. Coming in from out of town? To see Altoona hotels and motels, visit the site.

We can get a room discount at the Motel 6 if we have more than 10 rooms booked. If you're coming and want to be part of the room block at Motel 6, please let Tammy know by calling her at 877.636.1408 by April 11th. If we don't get 10 rooms reserved by then, we cannot block it.

The courthouse address is 423 Allegheny Street, Hollidaysburg, PA 16648. Keep in mind that although we have this hearing, it does not mean the charges will be dismissed. There is still the very real possibility that we are going to a jury trial. We NEED to raise our voices and BE HEARD! It is absolutely ridiculous that in Pennsylvania one can abuse a dog despite existing cruelty laws, allowing it to lay chained, unable to stand, and on the ground for three days and NOT pay a price for that abuse.

It is unconscionable what this case is teaching our children. We must continue to fight, not only for Doogie, but for all chained dogs in Pennsylvania and around the U.S. And for our future's children who may have to make the same choices Tammy has made; choices which no one should have to make.

Visit the updated Doogie page and read the Press Release.
Can't come, but you'd like to support financially?

Did Doogie Deserve to Die on the End of a Chain that Day? Some say yes.
Or, while they won't go as far as to say he deserved to die in the Arnold's yard September 11th, their condemnation of Grimes' actions to save him send the same message. We remain firm in the conviction that every dog deserves to live a life free of chains. When old age comes, each dog deserves not only necessary vet care, but extra love, physical comfort, and familial support.

As one supporter sign read:
Chain: $10
Doghouse: $20
Doogie's Life: Priceless!

Doogie when first seen from the road; we thought he was already dead.
The white dog is still out there.

Grimes untangles Doogie's chain.

Doogie, with hope in his eyes

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