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Europe set to outlaw cosmetic testing on live animals 07-04-29 Europe   Tests on rabbits & mice will soon be banned after scientists announced that most experiments can be carried out using non-animal alternatives.   animal testing
IFAW Podcast 07-04-25 world   May 9 Podcast. Efforts to stop commercial whaling whaling
Lab Animal Week '07 - Commentary 07-04-24 world   Commentary on what it takes to wake people up animal testing
LTE: Curb Animal Cruelty 07-04-22 US  Letter to the editor: It's time to curb animal cruelty  philos.
Universities accused of 'cruel' animal tests 07-04-22 UK BUAV has accused universities of 'cruel' animal testing animal testing
Action to Curb Protests 07-04-22 UK   Glaxo Kline Takes Action to Curb Protests  animal testing
Mexican Rodeo 07-04-16 US   Activists in U.S. Protest the Rodeo rodeo
Duke Univ. Stops Using Live Pigs 07-04-16 US, NC   Duke Univ. School of Medicine confirmed it stopped using live pigs animal testing
Sealing Boat Sunk in Newfoundland 07-04-15 Canada   Sealing boat burns  news
More on Don Imus 07-04-15 US   Commentary by Robert Cohen media
University to reduce animal tests 07-04-14 UK   Aberdeen University is committed to reducing animal testing animal testing
Cops Need Pampers 07-04-14 US, CA   Santa Monica Cops Need Pampers for their Lack of Control protests
Lobster Liberation 07-04-13 US, ME   300 Lobsters freed liberation
Nests removed but birds here to stay 07-04-11 US, CT   Nests of Monk Parakeets were removed, but the birds stay anyway birds
Meat Down, Veggies Up, Says New Research 07-04-11 US   1 in 4 U.S. adults is eating less meat compared to a year ago, and 1 in 8 is a semi-vegetarian food
5th Animal Lib. Conf 07-04-11 US, NY   Saturday April 28th, Hall of Languages, Syracuse University meeting
Legal battle: My son, the chimp 07-04-11 UK   A British woman has launched a court challenge to become the legal guardian of a chimpanzee law
Rally for Grimes in US 07-04-07 US, PA   Rally for Tammy Grimes in Pennsylvania. April 17 dogs
Chimp Island 07-04-06 Africa   Freed lab chimps to get own islands off Africa chimps
Laboratory Animal Week, 2007 07-04-06 world   World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week (April 22nd - 28th) animal tests
.pdf1 .pdf2 .pdf3 07-04-02 US   Letters from No-kill Shelter Guru to HSUS pets
The dog food conspiracy 07-04-02 US   Interesting Video on dog food pets
Hidden cost of "cage-free" eggs 07-04-02 US   The hidden cost of selling the public on "cage-free" eggs food
ARAs Praise Burger King 07-04-02 US   Burger King To Sell Products From Cage-Free Chickens, Pigs food
Orangutan Diary 07-04-01 UK   The long-anticipated series of Orangutan Diary will air next week. TV




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