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Regarding: Suzanne and Mark Taylor


We are Suzanne and Mark Taylors Aunt and Uncle,  who last week received  jail sentences along with Teresa Portwine for being outspoken, daring to demonstrate against the cruelty of  Huntington Life Sciences, and other companies who deal with them.

We have always had our own opinions on the subjects that Suzanne, Mark and Teresa and indeed many others believe, and campaign about.   Sadly we have sat on the fence far too long,  never really voicing our opinions, maybe now it�s the right time for us to change.

In our opinion  the custodial sentences handed out to the trio are ridiculous, and we cannot see how they can be deemed to be fair, or how this punishment can match the crime.   They are designed, like the newly invented laws to quiet all the �mischief� makers.  The judge admitted this in his summing up, saying the sentences were to be a deterrent to others.   So If you don�t shut up you will be locked up.

Just a note here � Ironically the same judge sentenced the murderers of Damilola Taylor, giving each defendant eight years for the murder. In his summing up �It may be that the sentence will appear inadequate. However, I cannot sentence on the basis of an intention to kill or cause really serious injury. I have to sentence on the basis of defendants� ages at the time�

When the judge sent both Suzanne and Mark to prison, he did so with the full knowledge that their two teenage daughters would be left at home to fend for themselves alone.

Not only this,  Suzanne is in a jail in Kent,  Mark is in a jail in London � The girls are at home in Yorkshire.

We will to the extent of our powers, fight for true justice for Suzanne and Mark and Teresa.  We are proud they stuck up for their beliefs.  We love them regardless.

Hope you can display our thoughts in a prominent position on your website, and hope it will help to get enough support to get these appalling custodial sentences overturned.

Good Luck in your Continuing Campaign

Liane and Steve Lowes

[email protected]

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