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'Throwaway' Kids & Animals Find Each Other 07-03-30 US   When troubled kids began to take care of abandoned animals they learned love activism
Glaxo Smith Kline Fined 07-03-29 Australia   Glaxo Smith Kline fined for false advertising. food
Burger King Improves 07-03-29 world   Burger King requires its suppliers to be more compassionate. food
Suburban parakeet 'pests' face drastic cull 07-03-26 UK   Ringneck Parakeets in London face drastic cull as numbers grow. birds
World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week 2007 07-03-25 world   World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week 2007, April 22nd - 28th. animal testing
Do Evil CEOs Sleep at Night? 07-03-23 US   Does Kentucky Fried Chicken deserve a blessing from the pope? food
W. Puck's Animal-Welfare Policy 07-03-23 US   Celebrity Chef Announces Strict Animal-Welfare Policy. activism
Pets´┐Ż Owners Angered by Delays in Response 07-03-22 US   Pets' Owners Angered by Delays in Responses from Pet Food Companies. pets
List of Pet Foods Recalled 07-03-19 US  List of all the pet foods that have been recalled. pets
NYC Meatout March 22 07-03-17 US   An evening of life-changing talks! activism
Regarding: Suzanne and Mark Taylor 07-03-16 UK   Comments from the aunt and uncle of Mark Taylor. law
Heather Mills vs. Pig Farmers 07-03-15 UK   Heather Mills has accused Marks and Spencer of "consumer duping". factory farms
Farm Animal Adoption Network 07-03-15 US   Farm Sanctuary will help you adopt a farm animal. activism
Moratorium on animal testing 07-03-15 US   Sociology announces a moratorium on animal testing. vivisection
Lab Animals Saved 07-03-09 UK   After five years of fierce campaigning there is a new piece of EU chemicals legislation. law
The Garroting of Commonsense 07-03-08 UK   Three activists sentenced beyond reason. law
Ex-Farmer Becomes a Vegetarian 07-03-06 US, MI   Former Beef Cattle Farmer becomes a vegetarian after reading a bumper sticker. health
ARA Mark Taylor Jailed 07-03-06 UK   Animal Rights Activist Mark Taylor jailed for four years. law
Groups Rally for Telegraph Hill Parrots 07-03-05 US, CA   Groups Rally to support the Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill. parrots
Mount Joy egg-farm cruelty case resumes 07-03-02 US, PA   COK's investigation inside Esbenshade Farms. law
Prince says ban McDonalds 07-03-02 UK   Prince Charles says ban McDonald's food for health of country. health
Do You Remember Love? 07-03-01 world   video poem from a dog. video




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