After five years of fierce campaigning and lobbying to keep animal experiments out of a new piece of EU chemicals legislation called REACH, the fight is finally over and we at the BUAV have good news to report. As many as 37 million lab animals will be spared the misery of being force-fed, injected, or poisoned with chemicals in an attempt to test their safety.

As an activist supporter you have been there each step of the way. With your petitions, postcards, letters to the editors and phone calls to MEPs you have helped save millions of lives.

All our hard work came to a head in December when the European Parliament voted on the final legislation and approved many of our amendments. We pushed for the acceptance and promotion of humane non-animal testing methods and for measures to force companies to work together to dramatically reduce the number of animals that would be tested upon - and we got them.

While we saved many, many animals, sadly we couldn't save them all. Millions are still slated to be killed for REACH over the coming years and this fact is a reminder of how far we still have to go to overcome the powerful opposition we face. But we still haven't stopped fighting for those animals - behind the scenes the BUAV is working hard hammering out the fine print of the legislation to ensure that it reflects the possible situation for animals.

The fact is, we have made a huge difference. Lives have been saved and the development and promotion of non-animal alternatives are now squarely on the European political agenda and because of all of our efforts, the lives of millions of rats, mice, guinea pigs and other animals have just got a whole lot brighter.

Thank you for all of your ongoing support-this was a victory we achieved together!!!


Sean Gifford

Campaigns Manager

For full details of what was accomplished click here . http://www.buav. org:80/campaigns /chemicals/ reachhistory. html

What else can I do?

Animals are still being killed to test cleaning products. Help us secure a ban by signing and circulating this petition. http://www.buav. org/petitions/ cleaning- protest.html

Buy only products that haven't been tested on animals. Our Little Book of Cruelty-Free http://www.buav. org/gocrueltyfre e/littlebook. html shows you which products are safe to purchase.

Make a donation https://www. secure-server- secutran/ secureforms/ SH203428/ donate.html

to support our campaigns and help continue the BUAV's important work.

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