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Heather Mills vs. Pig Farmers

Heather Mills could be charged with trespassing after breaking into a pig farm to highlight animal cruelty.

Heather led a team of activists from the vegetarian group Viva! in a raid on Somerset's Bridgewater Farm, two weeks ago.

The group filmed their break-in to expose the "cruel conditions" the animals live in.

Owner of the compound, Michael Underhill, claims the stunt has made his pigs sick because they were exposed to a disease brought onto his property by the campaigners.

He is also threatening to take legal action against the group for trespassing.

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Heather Mills has accused Marks and Spencer of "consumer duping".

The estranged wife of Sir Paul McCartney was protesting at pig farming practices used by the food chain's suppliers, in her first animal welfare publicity campaign since her split from the former Beatle.

The 39-year-old said M&S sold pork from pigs bred in farrowing crates which cause distress to the animals, and handed a banner with the words, "No Happy Mothers Day for Britain's Pigs" to Labour MP Kerry McCarthy outside the Houses of Parliament.

Heather said most UK supermarkets stocked pork from animals bred in farrowing crates but she chose to highlight M&S because of the chain's high-profile stance on animal welfare issues.

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