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February 14, 2007

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Valentine's Day protest against primate experimentation at UCLA. Attendees included UCLA's Primate Freedom Group, In Defense of Animals, the Barbi Twins of The Kitty Liberation Front and world champion wrestler Chyna. They are encouraging UCLA to have a heart for animals and end the use of primates as lab subjects

VALENTINE'S DAY, LOS ANGELES - Activists from as far away as Australia, convened at the corner of Westwood and Le Conte to participate in an on-campus march protesting primate experimentation at UCLA. Leading the charge was ex-wrestler Chynna, the Barbi Twins, Matt Rossell from IDA (he spent two years undercover in a primate laboratory) and Kevin Lawrence from (who just three weeks earlier shredded his UCLA diploma in front of a crowd of students and wiped his ass with it!) They all marched together through the campus to expose UCLA's evil and insane primate vivisection to students, faculty, the public and the press.

UCLA continues to addict primates to crystal meth - despite long-time known and documented human symptomatology. It receives 200 million in taxpayer dollars each year to make tweakers of monkeys - while legitimate drug rehab centers flounder for lack of funding. Instead of conducting valid investigations into and addressing the demographic and psychosocial parameters that place people at risk for substance abuse, UCLA prefers to serve as "pushers to the primates" for reasons inconceivable other than those of personal psychopathology and protection of individual and industry profits that would be lost with prevention and cure.

In addition to peddling crank, the UCLA sadists also implant metal coils in the eyes of primates, bolts in their skulls and then paralyze them for 120 hours while they bombard their retinas with light; deprive them of food and water; and use them as subjects in the study of "impulse-control" problems, including bank robbery. We've never heard of monkeys who rob banks, and we extend an elementary explanation for humans who do so: a simple shortage of cash. What do you suppose might be the brilliant conclusions to be garnered from torturing animals with hunger and thirst? That they can be made to perform any trick or task in exchange for a drink or a bite? We're certain that the records of Jews in Hitlers' camps would attest admirably to that fact.

Speaking of the notorious Nazi, it was pointed out that Chancellor Norman Abrams is a Jew who most likely had relatives imprisoned in the camps and killed in the gas chambers. Yet he experiences no moral qualms about torturing and murdering other sentient beings equally capable of suffering and whose lives are just as important to them. He champions his evildoing with no less conviction and aplomb than did the infamous WWII demagogue in the antebellum German beer halls.

The activists were particularly high-energy as they contemplated the misery of the monkeys locked away in UCLA's labs on the Day of Love. One construction worker told an activist that the primates most likely could hear the chants in their tiny cages, since the activists were at times less than 100 feet away from the primates in the labs.

Many of the activists there had been to demo's in the UK and Europe and they all agreed that the UCLA police should thank the US activists for being so constrained. One activist relayed that if this were Europe or the UK, activists would have stormed the labs, turned over file cabinets, torn down fences, broken things and then fled the scene--every man/woman for himself! UCLA doesn't know how good they had it with the US demonstrators!!

How did the primate vivisectors spend their Valentines Day? They spent it cavalierly causing horrific pain to primates and other animals while sending bouquets to wives and girlfriends in hopes of an amorous night. However, the vivisectors certainly knew activists were in front of their labs. The activists' voices thundered and reverberated as they chanted and spoke about an antiquated, fraudulent, and morally untenable "science" that accomplishes nothing other than the wanton and gratuitous torture of primates and the profligate padding of corporate coffers. Brave bad boys before defenseless, horror stricken primates, but cringing cowards when confronted with animal rights activists, the vivisecting Gorgons frantically locked doors and shut windows to "protect" themselves from admittedly loud but otherwise perfectly legal and nonviolent protesters.

At each building, police were lined up along the entrances - but activists were too quick on the draw when they arrived at the Chancellor's offices. Walking through the doors they clambered up the stairs to try and speak to the Chancellor. Huddling nervously behind unbreachable tempered glass, staff had no choice but to be held captive listeners as activists showed them pictures of primates being vivisected and spoke to them about their institutional ill repute, and criminal complicity in a pernicious practice injurious to animals, the environment, and human beings. Matt Rossell offered them a dvd of primate research; not one of them accepted.

One of the vice chancellors told several individuals in a derogatory tone, that he never went into the labs and that he didn't get personally involved with the issues of vivisection. He added that Chancellor Abrams was very content with the primate research done at UCLA and that it was necessary for human health. This of course was NOT surprising!

The demonstration completed, activists began to wend their way back to Westwood and Le Conte where they congratulated each other on a great demo and the need to continue this historic campaign.

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