Several months ago, a clever and unique anti-sealing strategy was undertaken, in an attempt to persuade small, vulnerable [Atlantic Canada] businesses to reject sealing within their own communities, or face boycotts. A database was compiled containing their email addresses. For the first time ever, this gave individuals around the world, the ability to DIRECTLY CONTACT those most closely associated with sealing! People responded en masse, emailing small businesses throughout Newfoundland-Labrador, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Magdalen Islands and Prince Edward Island. Tangible progress toward changing the minds of the locals in these sealing provinces has begun in earnest. Fear of losing desperately needed income resulting from an ATLANTIC CANADA TOURISM BOYCOTT, is spurring a request by PEI fishermen to have the DFO seal communications office moved out of that province.
The statement made by Ed Frenette, executive director of the P.E.I. Fishermen's Association saying, "We've had responses from people around the world saying they refuse to come to PEI during tourism season..." is PROOF POSITIVE that the database has been an extremely effective tool.

Mr. Frenette claims that PEI does NOT kill seals. [Seal kill quotas for 2006: PEI, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick combined were 1,847 animals.] A recent article further refutes Mr. Frenette's claim that sealing does not take place within the province.

Businesses in sealing provinces, for the first time ever, are worried that the public's memory of the rotten, stench-filled aftermath from the annual seal slaughter, will not be so quickly forgotten as in years past...and will continue to 'bleed' over, adversely affecting other vital economic industries such as tourism and seafood sales.

Please CONTINUE TO TURN UP THE HEAT using the 'power of your pen', and utilize the Atlantic Canada Small Business Email Database. Express your OUTRAGE and DISGUST toward the largest, most sadistic slaughter of marine mammals on Earth. 335,000 souls were lost in 2006. The Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans is set to UP that quota this year--and each and every year, thereafter.

Sealing provinces must FEEL the financial pain of their actions on a PERSONAL level in order to realize the consequences of participation in, and indifference to such massive suffering!

I URGE YOU to go to:

There are 2 databases on the 'things to do' page. The FIRST database is accessed by clicking on the blue link next to #4. This takes you to a drop-down box consisting of ALL the sealing provinces EXCEPT Newfoundland-Labrador. Please email EVERY BUSINESS IN EVERY PROVINCE located in the drop-down box (including Tromso, Norway, which buys most of the seal pelts.) It's easy, fast and convenient. Let them know you will be boycotting Atlantic Canada until the slaughter permanently ends! The SECOND database appears at the BOTTOM of the 'things to do page', it's marked NEWFOUNDLAND. When you type your email and press submit, another list of businesses will appear for Newfoundland-Labrador...please send your email to each one. It's extremely important to email EVERY PROVINCE within the databases, in order to make your voice the most effective on behalf of the seals.

Please don't forget to email ALL of the politicians located on the contact page as well. Each has a direct connection to sealing and the ability to stop it!

A heartfelt thanks on behalf of the seals...for doing what they cannot.

Brennan Browne

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