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MEPs thoughts on Bullfighting

I would like to draw your attention to Roger Helmer MEP and Daniel Hannan. The former personally emailed me and said the bull is "used to fighting" and adrenaline would ease the pain! He likened this to soldiers saying most never felt pain after combat until they arrive at the Red Cross Tents! Unbelievable I know.

The following email is what Daniel Hannan MEP sent a PRO Bullfighting campaigner.

What would animal loving Britain make of this - never mind some of his Surrey constituents.

I think something MUST be done about this. It was taken from:

Please get back to me with any thoughts.

Kind regards


The following is a reply from Daniel Hannan, a British MEP, to a French aficionado.

Dear Esteban,

What a pleasure to receive your email.

After hundreds of semi-literate anti-taurines, it is a delight to come across such a reasonable and well argued petition. You can rest assured of my support: I am an aficionado and a member of the Club Taurino de Londres. I am a particular fan of French corridas: I attend the ferias in Arles, Nîmes and Béziers most years, and have also watched corridas in Dax, Bayonne, Ceret and Mont-de-Marsan. I think the fiesta is enjoying its second golden age, and nowhere more than in France.

Please encourage your friends to lobby other MEPs. We are, as I say, being bombarded by the other side. I emailed a copy of the resolution to, and suggested that they invite their readers to write in, but nothing has happened so far.

Just one controversial thougfht. Would it be such a disaster if the subsidies were to be terminated? I can't help feeling that they encourage over-breeding, and so weaken the blood of fighting herd.
Anyway, keep up the good work.

Daniel Hannan
[email protected]

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