February 03, 2007

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WHIZZ the Newfoundland dog was hailed a hero yesterday � after rescuing a drowning pooch called Topper.

The 10st giant leapt into a disused water tank, grabbed the red setter by the neck and hauled him to safety.

Topper's owner Charlotte Burroughs, 41, was walking in a wood near Clevedon, Somerset, when her pet disappeared. She searched in vain for half an hour, not realising Topper had fallen in the sunken tank and could not get out.

When Whizz passed by with owner Dave Pugh, the Newfoundland � whose breed is famed for saving drowning people � suddenly shot off into the bushes.

Dave said: "He knew the other dog was in there, although no one else did."

Charlotte said: "He's a true hero."

Gee Whizz ... with rescued Topper, left


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