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UCLA Graduate Burns Diploma in Protest

January 19, 2007

UCLA Graduate Burns Diploma in Protest Against Primate Vivisection

Canadian resident and 1986 graduate of UCLA, Kevin Lawrence, outraged at the pain and suffering UCLA inflicts on primates in the lab, burned his diploma today in protest. Lawrence met with Vice Chancellor Mongelli after the protest to discuss what they intend to do to stop the suffering inside the labs. Lawrence will be keeping a close eye on developments and will travel again to UCLA if necessary to bring attention to these unnecessary and useless experiments.

Lawrence read the following statement to the group:

My fellow Primates, UCLA Graduate Burns Diploma in Protest Against Primate Vivisection

My name is Kevin Lawrence, and I come to you from I come to you from British Columbia Canada to join you in the fight to free our brothers and sisters who are being needlessly tortured in the name of science? Needlessly. Tortured. Now this march has extra special importance to me because I spent six years, from 1980 to 1986 as a student of this very university, and I Am Ashamed. I am ashamed of what is going on here. The fraud and deceit being brought to this university from within it's own ranks. I am ashamed to be associated with this university. Ashamed to be a Bruin. My fellow Primates, please join me as I burn my diploma, and as I do this I symbolically burn this prison to the ground, and my connection to it.


Kevin Lawrence is a member of Primate Freedom Project and the Tag holder for a primate in a laboratory who needlessly suffers.

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