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SPCA Raids home of critic

In an historically colossal ignorant and selfish move made by anyone supposedly caring animals...

Animal Rescuer and Rights Activist�s Home Raided, Computer and Camera Taken
SPCA-LA Takes Retribution For Activist Critical of LA Animal Services

LOS ANGELES - The home of Zsuzsa Blakely, long-time rescuer and animal rights activist, was raided paramilitary style on January 10 by fifteen SPCA-LA thugs with guns drawn who threw her to the floor, slammed her head into a bookcase, handcuffed her, threatened to use a Taser on her, locked her inside an SPCA-LA vehicle for two hours, seized animals who were slated for execution at the department of Los Angeles Animal Services at the zero hour, and confiscated her computer and camera.

The search warrant listed an alleged complaint made by a neighbor to SPCA-LA. SPCA-LA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles,) is a local and private organization headed by Madeline Bernstein who runs the high kill 'shelter' in Long Beach.) But even an alleged complaint by a neighbor should not incur a raid with drawn guns and physical violence. Why confiscate the computer and camera utilized to post Internet pleas to rescue groups nationwide in a heartfelt last-ditch attempt to save animals whom the department of Los Angeles Animal Services (LAAS) makes little to no effort to adopt? Our hypothesis is that such pleas are injurious to the image of its narcissistic, murderous General Manager and the many apathetic, lazy and smug employees who work under him at the department of LAAS.

What seems salient is that Zsuzsa is an OUTSPOKEN and VERY VOCAL CRITIC of the Department of LAAS. She tirelessly devotes many hours taking photographs of animals slated to be killed and subsequently e-mailing pleas across the nation for their rescue. (The plea for Edgar - one of the many dogs who were killed last week - was dispatched by Ms. Blakely.) An organization in Minnesota called in response, placed a hold on Edgar by phone at the shelter, and sent a representative in LA to bail him out that day. When the representative arrived thirty minutes later, Edgar had already been killed. Ms. Blakely exposed this among many others, to thousands over the internet and sending pictures of Edgar across the Nation.

Zsuzsa's pleas for animals condemned to death by the department of LAAS have also been systematically flagged and removed from Craig's List for the past several months. Most individuals following this controversy are convinced that Ed Boks and his ex-lover, Mary Cummins (believed by many in the humane community to be a collaborator and cyberstalker on his behalf) - are behind it.

Ms. Blakely has also been the voice most critical of the department at Commission meetings which she has attended faithfully over the past three years. Ed Boks - along with Leslie Corea (paramour of Field Commander David Diliberto) attempted to eject Ms. Blakely from the South Central shelter a few months ago when she demanded to know the identities of and photograph the dogs scheduled to be killed the next day, so she could post them on the internet hoping someone would bail them out.

A spokesperson for Animal Defense League Los Angeles (ADL-LA) - who also has been highly critical of the massive, unabated slaughter transpiring at LAAS - commented: "It is obvious that taking her computer and camera were designed to obstruct her ability to continue highlighting the unnecessary and prolific killing going on in the LAAS Death Camps. For this reason, it is suspected by the humane and animal rights communities that Ed Boks - General Manager (GM) of the department of LAAS - is the incontrovertible author of this unconscionable raid."

Ms. Blakely�s dogs remain incarcerated at the high-kill SPCA facility in Hawthorne. Their fate is currently unknown to any but the head of SPCA-LA Madeline Bernstein. It's interesting to note that not only is Bernstein a postiche to those within the animal community, doing little to nothing with the millions that come pouring into SPCA-LA to stop the killing of animals in their care, but she along with billionaire Gary Michelson and Mayoral side kick Jim Bickhart, were the few who told the Mayor to appoint Ed Boks as GM. It is also interesting to note that the SPCA-LA had for years been told by the humane community about the abuse, neglect and cruelty occurring at Angel Puss in LA and did NOTHING about it; yet they invade Blakely's home and seize her fostered dogs as well as her computer and camera.

The entire cesspool of evil, murderous thugs who pose as those overseeing the lost and homeless animals in this area are now, with Ed Boks on board, a fraternity so corrupt and so intimately connected, that it's shocking even to the most experienced of social activists.

We will give you updates on this situation as it unfolds.

"Those in power rule by force, and the sooner we break ourselves of illusions to the contrary, the sooner we can at least begin to make reasonable decisions about when and how we are going to resist." -Derrick Jensen

Coincidentally, this was posted on the DDB Rep list:

I need your help to save these dogs...
Posted by: "Emily Northrop"
Thu Jan 11, 2007

You've all heard of Edgar by now, and his horrible story at LAAS. The girl who turned me on to this tragedy in the first place has been ransacked... She tried her best to help me get Edgar out alive.. And now she needs our help..

Last night, the CA SPCA raided her home AT GUNPOINT and cuffed her. They proceeded to take her 17 rescue dogs, her computer and her camera... Then they left her, alone and devastated.. .

They are trying their damndest to paint her as a hoarder... Shes not. She has a lovely fenced in yard, and these animals were loved and cared for... Only 14 of her 17 dogs were listed on SPCA's 'inventory list' and those 3 dogs were Pit Bulls.. I fear what they've done to them...

We need to call... We need to call the SPCA and make them account for her 3 missing dogs... And we need to get them out before they kill them. Head honcho SPCA is Madeline Bernstein. She actually CAME to the raid. This is LAAS jurisdiction, NOT SPCA.

I believe that Ed Boks orchestrated this whole thing and used SPCA to execute it.

Both Bernstein and Boks were the only people quoted in the LA Times article on the shortage of vets at LAAS, which has nothing to do with Bernstein or LAAS.

No reason Scharzenegger should not be bothered!!!

SPCA phone that has the dogs is 310-676-1149
12910 Yukon
Hawthorne CA 90250

Also main SPCA/LA could use some calls.

Please email me if you'd like to help further...

Help me help her...
Emily Northrop


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