Many people have e-mailed ADL-LA wanting to be updated regarding the rescuer who was raided by SPCA-LA, and whose computer and camera they stole from her (these two items was what she used to send pleas all over the country regarding dogs on the LAAS kill list.)

The below is taken directly from an e-mail sent by Ms. Blakely to ADL-LA; following her statement, there are some opinion posts about the raid from our readers. If you are a rescuer and would like to offer help or advice to Ms. Blakely, her direct e-mail is Ms. Blakely would appreciate any help you can offer her.

From ZsuZsa:

"A couple of things I want to mention that the SPCA-LA (society for the PERPETRATION of cruelty to animals) did that make this different from any other raid that I know of, and even more blatantly show that this was an act of retaliation, intimidation, and plain sadism:

1) There was no notice, no warning of any kind to me. The pounds by law must give you notice that there is a complaint on file (if indeed there is one), and they must give you 30 days or so to cure it. This was simply a break-in, illegal. They also refused to show me a search warrant, until they had already beaten me up and taken some of my dogs.

2) It was not only my head that was bashed by these thugs, but my chest, and other parts of my body. I remember my chest and head being beaten against a bookcase, but they had shoved me down on my knees as they were knocking me around, and I just felt a lot of pain, though of course it's nothing compared to what these monsters do to the animals. But I had to go to the ER a couple of days ago because of chest pains as a result of what they did to me and my dogs. Not even in the worst of FBI raids, let alone raids by the pounds, has there been physical violence perpetrated upon the person being raided, this is the first.

There were around 15 thugs there, most of them young, huge and a couple of them had guns pointed at me. Apparently, they are claiming to the police that I "charged at them", which is of course a total lie--I never touched nor went near any of them as you can imagine. Anyone who knows me knows that I do not do things like that, and especially as you can imagine, I weigh 100 lbs.--a woman facing 15 thugs with guns drawn and throwing me and shoving me around--obviously I was no match for them and of course there is no way I would have even tried to fight them. They of course also brutalized my poor dogs, using the horrid pole and strangling them as they forced them out of their home. I can only hope they have not killed them--all or any of them. I am about to go down to the courthouse to get a restraining order against them to not kill my dogs.

I tried repeatedly to file a police report on these thugs for their violence, but the police so far have refused, including a watch commander. I am working with a paralegal, though I very much need a lawyer, so if you know of one, please help. People suggest lawyers and I contact them but they are not willing to represent me. Other people say they know of lawyers but I've not gotten any names, so if you know of a lawyer please put me in contact with them. The media are not interested in my side, they have all had Bernstein on the air and that is apparently all they care about.

Bernstein was present at the raid, supervising the whole thing, and

obviously condoning the violence. What Bernstein gets out of all

this is money--when she can do a raid she can show it to the

federal government and get grants. And of course the thugs and

Boks get to take out their sadism on me and my poor dogs--

I am sure that they enjoyed and planned the physical violence since there is so much animosity on their parts against me.

Please understand also that the pound employees, most of them, and certainly the ones in management, are killers. That is all they do, they imprison and kill living beings simply because they living beings happen to be of a species other than ours. These people are not going to "help us", as you state. Their goals are to kill, not to help--their goals are the opposite of ours. It takes a certain type of person to mass murder, and they will never stop killing--they are killers and you cannot expect Hitler to turn into Mother Teresa. The only solution is regime change,"



Sent: Tuesday, January 16, 2007 12:08 PM

Subject: RE: Raid

This is what happens when there is so much killing going on at places like Los Angeles Animal Services. Some people just take on too many animals. It stems from a desire to save their lives. These poor dogs were on their way to the kill area. So in my opinion, the real evil still resides in a corrupt Department of Animal Services who will not implement the proven policies of No Kill.

Situations like Zsu Zsa's are tragic for both the animals and the rescuers - that is why I feel ADL-LA's approach is such a viable one. An animal rights approach addresses the root causes - not just the symptoms - of the atrocities committed by the real criminals like Ed Boks.


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Sent: Thursday, January 18, 2007 3:10 PM

Subject: Woman who was raided by SPCA

Some people are so tortured by the killing that they become obsessed with saving individual animals to the point where they become enmeshed in a situation like the one in which Ms. Blakeley found herself. These people have their hearts in the right place, but they need to see the bigger picture. Rescue is like trying to empty a swimming pool with a teacup. Difficult as it may be to step away from individual bailouts, they need to realize that their time and energy would be better invested in working towards converting the shelters to No Kill and thereby saving the lives of tens of thousands.

To: <>

Sent: Tuesday, January 16, 2007 8:14 PM

Subject: Ms. Blakely

Zsuzsa devoted her every waking moment to photographing and posting pleas for dogs slated for the next day's kill fest at LAAS - to the point where she felt personally responsible for the deaths of those who weren't bailed out. But there just aren't enough rescues to save the thousands of animals killed every year in LA's six City Death Camps. They could and should, however, be adopted straight into loving homes if LAAS implemented the protocols, outreach programs, and policies of No-Kill.

Admittedly, Zsuzsa's house was unkempt and she was over the 'legal' limit in LA for dogs. (Does Los Angeles have a limit on the amount of children one can have?) Her dogs had not only the entire run of Ms. Blakely's house, but also of her large backyard. They were NEVER confined to cages. Most importantly, they had their lives - something that LAAS had intended to wrest from them. The Jews who were hidden by friends and neighbors during the Nazi Holocaust lived in less-than-pristine conditions, too - but it was a far better alternative than being gassed in the chambers.

As usual, people blame the victim. Who are the real criminals here? They are those at LAAS who slaughter thousands of companion animals a year with little or no effort to advertise and adopt them - and bullies with police powers who throw a fifty-six-year-old woman to the floor, slam her head into a bookcase, handcuff her, drag her outside, and lock her in a vehicle for two hours because she was supposedly "too irate." Who wouldn't be irate to have fifteen thugs break and enter, commit assault, seize animals, and confiscate possessions?

Oh, it was ostensibly Super Bitch Madeline Bernstein and her high-kill SPCA-LA that did the deed - but there can be no doubt that Boks was behind it. The warrant alleged that a neighbor had complained about escaped animals. Why would fifteen goons with guns drawn respond to a "loose dog" complaint and execute a paramilitary-style raid? And why would they take a computer and camera?

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To: <>
Sent: Monday, January 15, 2007 7:14 PM
Subject: Video of raid on Zsuzsa Blakely

Ms Blakely was targeted by Madeleine Bernstein and Ed Boks solely due to her critical portrayal of the horrific conditions at LAAS. There was no notice, no warning of any kind. The pounds by law must give notice that there is a complaint on file (if indeed there is one), and they must give 30 days or so to cure it. This was simply an illegal break-in. The computer and digital camera she used to document the atrocities were confiscated; raids for animal cruelty do not involve searches of homes and confiscation of computers and cameras. The animals she cared for were taken and will likely be executed in retaliation for her activities.

Anything those who are targeting her and her companions say is propaganda to excuse their own inexcusable actions. Period.

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Sent: Monday, January 15, 2007 3:12 PM
Subject: Blood Work

The SPCALA are saying that these dogs are in terrible condition in order to set them up to be killed. From what I was told, they have skin infections and conditions, hardly something to kill them over. But the SPCALA said they are taking blood work in order to see how sick they are. I fear they will fudge the results in order to kill them. They are refusing to allow Zsu Zsa or her paralegal friend to take the blood work to a veterinarian who is not connected with the SPCALA, or to even have a impartial person be there when they draw the blood work.

I tried calling the SPCALA number where they are holding the dogs, but there is always a recording. They are being held at the Hawthorne SPCALA and their number is 310 676-1149. I believe they are going to kill them to take the focus off of they way they battered Zsu Zsa in order to make her look like the bad guy. They also want to send a message to the entire humane community telling them, that if they are critical of the department, this is what will happen to them and to their foster animals.

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Sent: Wednesday, January 10, 2007 4:39 PM

Subject: My LA Shelter Nightmare..

Hi. My name is _____, I am with a wonderful dog rescue.

I'm located in southern Minnesota... I've never worked with anybody in California before...

Monday (1/8/07) I was forwarded an email, a rescue plea, about a dog, Edgar, a German Shepherd mix, who was out of time. He was being held at the Los Angeles Pound, the south facility.

I called the pound, I tagged him for myself, my rep in CA raced the 30 miles to the facility, only to be told to go home, our dog was dead. She crashed through LAAS's doors at 12:10pm, Edgar went down at 12:08pm, ONE HOUR after I tagged him and confirmed him for my rescue.

I'm contacting you today because Ive made a huge stink about what happened to Edgar, and I'm being asked to keep my mouth shut, keep things under wraps... Blah blah blah by people who work for LAAS. Tonight I was anonymously forwarded a link to your site, and I am asking for your help.

I've been told to move on, forget about Edgar, Save the dogs that I can. Hell no. Edgar died because these people are arrogant, selfish, sick bastards... I'm not stopping until something is done. They killed him, because they got a good laugh out of seeing my rep sob, because they murdered my dog. What kind of heartless, sons a .... I'm angry, I'm hurt, and I'm not going to quit until I find out what the hell happened to my dog. I've been forwarded many cases from other rescues who experienced the same thing.

I've attached pictures of poor Edgar. He was a GOOD dog, he was healthy, friendly, and child safe. He just ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time. I failed in getting Edgar out in time. But I will not fail at this. I cant.

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Sent: Friday, January 12, 2007 6:38 AM

Subject: Re: My LA Shelter Nightmare..

Z is the one who originally forwarded me Edgar's plea... It was the first time I'd ever heard from her. I thought it was ironic..

And yes, I have been informed of what happened with the raid.. I'm angry about it... I'm doing what I can to get enough people to call, make them account for her three missing dogs (they took 17, only 14 were listed on SPCA's inventory list.. Those three were PitBulls..) I'm also hoping that I can get enough rescues to step up and take them in.. because I have no doubt that Boks will kill them just to spite her. And than make some lame excuse as to why it was done... Its difficult trying to organize these things from Minnesota, but I'm doing what I can. I want her to get her dogs back...

I feel horrible... Since Edgar's death, Z and I have been working our tails off in trying to bring a new light to this... And I fear that this most recent attack on her was orchestrated because of the stink we've made by Edgar's death... I dont think Boks was directly involved, but I have no doubt he had something to do with it...

They are trying to paint her as a hoarder, and she's not... And anyways, if the SPCA was just trying to "save these dogs from a hoarder" why would they need her computer and her camera...?


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