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Protest at NYSE Board of Director's Home

The NYSE listed Huntington Life Sciences (HLS) symbol LSR1 on their electronic bulletin board during the Yule break, thinking nobody would notice. They were wrong! On Jan 13 at lunchtime, Alice Rivlin of the NYSE Board of Directors got a noisy home demo.

She lives in Washington DC, about a block from the Israeli Ambassador's home. She showed up halfway through the demo, finding animal rights protestors waiting for her. She had to cross our picket line to enter her own home.

The cops she called in arrived just as we were preparing to leave, so we decided to stay even longer so as not to give here the idea that we are cowards who can be run off.

When we finally did leave, a bunch of cops followed us, and one stated that I could not legally record her. I called her on that one, so she backed away and asked the person she was "talking" to to follow-and her buddies to prevent me from following.

If it were illegal to record someone in a public place, all those store surveillance cameras (and the MPD neighborhood cameras too!) would be illegal!

In addition, we had some interesting interactions with Ms Rivlin's neighbors. Some supported us, while a few others were hostile.

The real story here is not minor abuses by MPD, but the deadly torture at HLS, where 500 animals a day die in the name of things like cosmetics.

If the NYSE thinks they can get away with trafficking in HLS stock, they are wrong!

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