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Letter to POM and its Supporters

From: Lindy Greene

January 16, 2007

Subject: My answer to someone who thinks what POM does to rabbits is fine

Why doesn't POM conduct legitimate clinical trials by feeding their product to men with erectile dysfunction and see if it helps? Wouldn't that be the logical thing to do? They know pomegranate juice will not alleviate a condition whose etiology has to do with vascular and hormonal factors.

But with animal testing, they can select the appropriate "model" and "prove" whatever they want for their personal financial gain. If you have no compassion for the animals, how about the men suffering from E.D. who are falsely led to believe that POM juice will help the problem?

Why do you think they selected rabbits as the test "model"? Rabbits are a universal prey species whose survival depends upon the ability to procreate prolifically. A raging libido with an ability to perform under adverse conditions is obviously a highly favorable evolutionary adaptation. It also conveniently enables POM to subsume a statistical association or correlation (however spurious) between such copulatory prowess and the consumption of - and to make unsubstantiated health claims with regard to - its product.

So, let's look at the whole picture. Rabbits have their penile arteries severed and are killed. Bogus health claims are made about a juice, giving false hopes to consumers for the "cure" of a sensitive and distressing condition. The Resnicks - already worth $900 million - laugh all the way to the bank as their net worth grows toward one billion.

That's what you are supporting - and bashing animal rights activists for fighting.


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